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(4) Unacceptable Attire

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   The following is a list of unacceptable attire, not to be considered inclusive, although it is subject to modification by a supervisor or management and the limited exceptions detailed elsewhere in this policy.

· Tank tops, spaghetti-strap tops, strapless tops, or any top that does not completely cover the midriff area.

· Shirts with logos other than a manufacturer, probation, or court logo.

· Clothing with noticeable wear, including ripped, frayed, dirty, or wrinkled clothing.

· Stretch pants or leggings worn without skirts.

· Fleece wear or warm-up clothing.

· Flip-flop sandals, slippers, or Crocs.

· Clothing which, in the judgment of a supervisor or management, is excessively tight, short, low-cut, revealing, or sheer.


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