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04/26/2017 - 9:00am

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51. Confidentiality

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   The employees of the Nebraska Court System must be concerned with the area of confidentiality because of the nature of some of the information handled by the judicial system. Some of the information in the courts is public information and it is the duty of many employees to help provide this kind of information to those requesting it. Employees are also exposed to some information that must be held in the strictest of confidence and must never be released unless it is absolutely certain that it is appropriate. There are several sections of the state and federal law which refer to various types of confidentiality and penalties involved for not adhering to those policies. With the supervisor's guidance, all confidential information should be kept in a secure place not readily accessible by other persons.

   If employees have questions pertaining to confidentiality and do not know whether a certain piece of information can be released, the employee should ask his/her immediate supervisor.

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