Morrison v. Department of Correctional Services

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Morrison v. Department of Correctional Services

Case Number
Call Date
March 29, 2017
Court Number
Case Summary

S-16-0304, Floyd L. Morrison (Appellant) v. Nebraska Dep't. of Corrections

District Court of Lancaster County, Hon. Lori A. Maret

Civil: Constitutional Question and Procedural Question

Attorneys: Floyd L. Morrison (pro se) 'Douglas J. Peterson and James D. Smith (AG's Office)

Proceedings below: District court granted the defendant's motion to dismiss.

Issues: Constitutionality of NDCS' policy to not allow victims to visit offenders; whether district court can consider a pro se litigant's original petition where his first amended petition merely states the changes the litigant would like to make, rather than repeating the original petition with changes already made.