Nebraska Judicial Branch Emergency Status Information

Nebraska Judicial Branch Emergency Status Information

About This Web Page

This page is used for informing the public about developments in court, court office, and probation service emergencies. This emergency website will be updated regularly throughout situations where the emergency service interruptions are in effect.

Check this page for updated information.

All courts and probation offices are open. Some counties may have enacted restrictions. Please call to verify before traveling to a courthouse or probation office.

Emergency Contact

You may ask pandemic-related questions via email to


Appellate Court Arguments

Information For Court Users

All Nebraska trial courts are open. Some counties may have enacted restrictions,  which may include, but not be limited to:

  • Health checks by staff prior to entering courtrooms
  • General compliance with CDC guidelines
  • Alternate entrances due to larger building closures

Please call your courthouse to verify before travelling to court:

The Nebraska Online Legal Self-Help Center has information and links to legal resources to help you represent yourself in Nebraska courts.  Find resources for free/low income services:

Information for Probationers

There may be interruptions to current service levels in your local area. Any questions should be referred to your local probation office. Find your probation office by county here.

General Information for the Public

Even in an emergency, Nebraska Courts and court offices strive to remain open. Keeping the courts open is an attempt to ensure that no person is deprived access to the courts, even in the aftermath of an emergency.

Issues of personal safety, due process, and many other issues are addressed every day in Nebraska’s courts will still need to be addressed in the immediate aftermath of an emergency.

The information presented on this website relates to the emergency preparedness efforts taken in the Nebraska Judicial Branch. These efforts are based in an attempt to keep the courts open to ensure access to the courts and justice for the people regardless of when the need arises.

Information for Attorneys

Electronic filing is available to attorneys for all trial courts, appellate courts, and workers’ compensation court.

Online demos and contact information for eFiling service provider,

Mandatory Continuing Legal Education

Notice to attorneys and sponsors of Continuing Legal Education:  The Nebraska Supreme Court has temporarily suspended the rule that caps distance learning credits that may be used to satisfy the annual 10 credit CLE requirements. 

For 2020 reports, past due 2019 reports and education reports for 2020 license transfer requests all required credits may be distance based.

Nebraska Supreme Court Attorney Services - March 25, 2020

General Information

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