Nebraska Probation Week Celebrated With Proclamation from Chief Justice

Nebraska Probation Week Celebrated With Proclamation from Chief Justice

Tuesday, July 18, 2023

The State Judicial Branch celebrated Nebraska Probation Week from July 16 to July 22, 2023, an event that highlighted the crucial role of probation services within the state's legal framework. Chief Justice Michael Heavican officially declared the week, urging all citizens, especially those in the legal community, to observe and acknowledge the occasion.

To mark the event, Supreme Court Justice Jeffrey Funke hosted a proclamation ceremony on July 17, in the Supreme Court's courtroom. The ceremony was broadcast live, ensuring wider accessibility. Speakers at the event included State Court Administrator Corey Steel and State Probation Administrator Deb Minardi. Keynote speakers were Chief Probation Officer Damon Strong and Juvenile Detention Alternatives Coordinator James Schulte.

Operating through the Nebraska Judicial Branch, probation services plays a vital role in the state's juvenile and adult justice systems. The dedicated probation officers, staff, and administration exemplify evidence-based probation practices, effectively fostering positive change and community safety through rehabilitation. These efforts are achieved through collaboration with communities and partnerships with service providers.

Supervision and services provided by the probation system are integral to Nebraska's state court, juvenile, and criminal justice systems. Each day, probation staff throughout the state worked tirelessly to instill hope and empower justice-involved individuals to redirect the trajectory of their lives. By focusing on rehabilitation and forming alliances with service providers, probation officers, staff, and administration actively contribute to community strengthening. In 2023, Nebraska probation remained steadfast in its commitment to inspire hope, empower individuals, and fortify communities, as outlined in its vision statement.

It is important to note that Nebraska Probation Week is celebrated in conjunction with the national Pretrial, Probation, and Parole Supervision Week, recognizing the significant impact of these essential justice programs nationwide.

As Nebraska embarked on this week of celebration, the State Judicial Branch aimed to raise awareness about the critical work carried out by probation services and emphasize the need for continued support and collaboration to ensure a just and rehabilitative justice system for all.


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