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Court of Appeals Courtroom, State Capitol Building, Lincoln, Nebraska

Fisher v. TD Lovercheck

S-14-0529 David Fisher and Pamela Fischer, husband and wife, and David Fisher and Pamela Fisher, Trustees (Appellants) v. The Heirs and Devisees of T.D. Lovercheck, et al.

Banner County, Judge Derek C. Weimer

Attorneys: Philip M. Kelly & Jerald L. Ostdiek (Douglas, Kelly, Ostdiek and Ossian) (Appellants) — Leslie A. Shaver & John F. Simmons (Simmons Olsen Law Firm, P.C.) (U.S. Bank, Appellee)

Civil: Termination of severed mineral interest

Facilities Cost Management Group, LLC v. Nebraska City Public Schools

S-14-0380 Facilities Cost Management Group, LLC v. Otoe County School District 66-111 a/k/a Nebraska City Public Schools (Appellant)

Douglas County District Court, Judge J. Michael Coffey

In re Estate of Panec (PFR)

S-13-777 In re Estate of Ellen M. Panec, Rebecca Griffin v. William J. Panec, Personal Representative

Jefferson County Court, Honorable Steven B. Timm

Attorneys: Vincent M. Powers (Vincent M. Powers & Associates --- Eric B. Brown (Atwood, Holsten, Brown & Deaver Law Firm, P.C., L.L.O.) (Appellant Rebecca Griffin)

Civil:  Distribution of settlement proceeds

Cain v. Custer County Board of Equalization

S-14-0764 Donald V. Cain, Jr. (Appellant) v. Custer County Board of Equalization


Tax Equalization and Review Commission


State v. Casterline (20)

S-14-0911 State v. Casterline (Appellant)

Webster County District Court, Judge Stephen Illingworth

Attorneys: George R. Love (Attorney General’s Office) --- James R. Mowbray & Jeffery A. Pickens (Commission on Public Advocacy) (Appellant)

Criminal: Plea; 2nd degree Murder

Proceedings below: Appellant pled guilty pursuant to a plea agreement and was sentenced to not less than life and not more than life imprisonment.

State v. McIntyre

S-14-0595 State v. McIntyre (Appellant)

Lancaster County District Court, Judge Stephanie Stacy

Attorneys: Nathan A. Liss (Attorney General’s Office) --- Dennis R. Keefe & Shawn Elliott (Public Defender’s Office) (Appellant)

Criminal: DUI with BAC of .15 or more, third offense

Proceedings below: Appellant was convicted following a jury trial and was sentenced to one year in jail and a 15 year license revocation.

State v. Casares

S-14-0442 State v. Casares (Appellant)

Lancaster County District Court, Judge Paul D. Merritt

Williams v. EGS Appleton

A-14-0705, Michael Williams v. EGS Appleton (Appellant)

Workers’ Compensation Court

Attorney for Appellant:  Timothy E. Clarke (Baylor Evnen Law Firm)

Attorneys for Appellee:  Joseph C. Dowding, Jeffrey A. Bloom, & Jonathan E. Urbom (Dowding Dowding Law Firm)

Workers’ Compensation Action:  Compensability of employee’s injury