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Court of Appeals Courtroom, State Capitol Building, Lincoln, Nebraska

In re Interest of Zanaya W.

A-14-0550 In re Interest of Zanaya W. et al.

A-14-0564 In re Interest of Jahon S. (Consolidated cases)


State v. Johnson (20)

S-14-0101 State v. Johnson (Appellant)


Cheyenne County, Judge Derek C. Weimer

In re Interest of Octavio B.

S-14-0484) In re Interest of Octavio B. et al.

(Consolidated appeals, S-14-0484 to S-14-0489)

Scotts Bluff County Court, Judge Kristen Mickey

Attorneys: Melissa Miller-Ramirez (Appellant - mother) --- Kelli L. Ceraolo (Scotts Bluff County Attorney’s Office)

Civil: Jurisdiction; change of permanency to adoption

State v. Perry

S-14-0506 State v. Perry (Appellant)


State v. Davis (20)

S-14-508 State v. Davis

Douglas County District Court, Honorable Kimberly  Pankonin

Attorneys: Thomas C. Riley & Kelly M. Steenbock (Public Defender’s Office) (Appellant) --- Melissa R. Vincent (Attorney General’s Office)

Criminal:  Murder; use of deadly weapon to commit felony

Proceedings Below: Following a jury trial, Appellant was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment.

Marshall v. Winterer

S-14-538 Marshall v. Winterer

Lincoln County District Court, Honorable Richard A. Birch

Attorneys: William J. Eickson & Blaine T. Gillett (Appellant) --- Blake E. Johnson (Attorney General’s Office)

Civil:  Public benefits; due process; immunity

Proceedings Below: The district court granted Appellee’s motion for summary judgment.

State v. Huggins

S-14-0297 State v. Huggins (Appellant)


Douglas County, Judge Gregory M. Schatz

State v. Armstrong

S-14-0339 State (Appellant) v. Armstrong

Sarpy County, Judge Daniel E. Bryan

State v. Crawford

S-14-0338 State v. Crawford (Appellant)


Dodge County, Judge Geoffrey Hall

Kalkowski v. Nebraska National Trails Museum

S-14-0317 Thomas L. Kalkowski (appellant) v. Nebraska National Trails Museum Foundation, Inc. and Gregory Beal

Keith County, Judge Donald E. Rowlands

Attorneys:  Randy Fair, Dudden & Fair PCLLO (Appellant) -- James Korth, Reynolds, Korth & Samuelson PCLLO (Appellee Nebraska National Trails Museum Foundation Inc.)

Civil: action to recover