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Court of Appeals Courtroom, State Capitol Building, Lincoln, Nebraska

Kohout v. Bennett Construction

S-16-0609, Robert Kohout (Appellant) v. Bennett Construction and The Travelers Indemnity Company

Workers’ Compensation Court, Judge James R. Coe

Attorneys: Julie A. Jorgensen (Morrow Willnauer Klosterman Church) --- Terri M. Anderson and Michael W. Khalili (Hauptman, O’Brian, Wolf & Lathrop, P.C.) (Appellant)

Civil: Compensability of employee’s injury

Proceedings below: The trial court held that Appellee was not the employer of Appellant at the time he was injured and dismissed his petition following a trial.

State v. Clifton (20)

S-15-1167, State v. Jaquez Clifton (Appellant)

Douglas County District Court, Judge Gregory M. Schatz

Attorneys: Nathan A. Liss (Attorney General’s Office) --- Thomas C. Riley, Mikki C. Jerabek & Cindy A. Tate (Public Defender’s Office)(Appellant)

Criminal: Murder; use of firearm to commit felony; motion to suppress

Proceedings below: Following a jury trial, Appellant was convicted of 1st degree murder and use of a firearm to commit a felony.

State v. Vela

S-16-0465, State v. Erick F. Vela

Madison County District Court, Honorable James G. Kube

Attorneys: Patrick P. Carney (Carney Law, P.C.)(Appellant) --- Douglas Peterson and James D. Smith (Attorney General’s Office)

Civil: Postconviction

Proceedings below: The district court denied Appellant’s motion for postconviction relief without an evidentiary hearing.

County of Franklin v. Tax Equalization and Review Commission

S-16-0554, The County of Franklin (Appellant) v. The Tax Equalization and Review Commission

Tax Equalization and Review Commission

Attorneys: Henry C. Schenker (Franklin County Attorney for Appellant) --- L. Jay Bartel (Attorney General’s Office)

Civil: assessment of grassland in Franklin County

Proceedings below: The Commission increased the assessed valuation of the grassland in Franklin County by 8 percent.

Marshall v. Marshall (PFR)

S-15-0035 Amy Marshall (Appellee) v. Brian Marshall (Appellant)

Douglas County District Court, Judge Thomas A. Otepka

Attorneys: Donald A. Roberts & Justin A. Roberts (Lustgarten & Roberts, P.C.) (Appellee) --- Anthony W. Liakos (Govier & Milone, L.L.P.)(Appellant)

Civil: Dissolution

In re Conservatorship of Trobough

S-16-0605) and S-16-0633) In re Conservatorship of Marie J. Trobough, a protected person, Lorraine Bain, Personal Representative of the Estate of Marie J. Trobough (Appellant) v. Lynne Timmerman Fees, Special Conservator, and Gloria Clippinger, an interested party

Douglas County, Judge Darryl R. Lowe

Medicine Creek, LLC v. Middle Republican Natural Resources District

S-16-0209 Medicine Creek, LLC (Cross-Appellant) v. Middle Republican NRD (Appellant)

Frontier County, Judge David W. Urbom

Attorneys: Jon S. Schroeder (Schroeder & Schroeder, P.C.) — Stephen D. Mossman (Mattson Ricketts Law Firm)

Civil: Request for a variance

Proceedings Below: The district court reversed Appellant’s denial of the variance and directed Appellant to grant the request for the variance.

Zapata v. McHugh

S-16-0511, John Zapata, an Individual and as Assignee (Appellant) v. Donald McHugh, an Individual, Donald McHugh d/b/a/ Lincoln Metal Recycling and McHuge Metal Brokerage LLC, a Limited Liability Company d/b/a Lincoln Metal Recycling, McHugh Metal Brokerage, LLC a Limited Liability Company

Lancaster County District Court, Hon. Steven D. Burns

Attorneys: John Zapata (Pro se Appellant) --- Appellees defaulted

Civil: Lease Agreement; assignment; dismissal

Proceedings Below: The district court dismissed Appellant’s complaint.

State v. Buttercase

S-16-0114, State v. Joseph J. Buttercase (Appellant)

Gage County District Court, Hon. Paul Korslund

Attorneys: George R Love (Attorney General’s Office) --- Joseph J. Buttercase (Pro se Appellant)

Civil: Seized property

Proceedings Below: The district court denied Appellant’s motion for return of seized property.

Issues: The district court erred in dismissing the Appellant’s motion for return of seized property.


Kiser v. Grinnell

A-16-0477, Will C. Kiser v. Ariel P. Grinnell (Appellant)

District Court of Washington County, District Judge John E. Samson

Attorney for Appellant:  Jeffrey A. Wagner (Schirber & Wagner, L.L.P.)

Attorney for Appellee:  James A. Adams (The Law Offices of James A. Adams, P.C., L.L.O.)

Civil Action:  Motion for New Trial on Newly Discovered Evidence

Action taken by the Trial Court:  The district court granted Will’s motion for new trial on the basis of newly discovered evidence and vacated its prior decree of paternity and custody.