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04/29/2016 (All day)

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Court of Appeals Courtroom, State Capitol Building, Lincoln, Nebraska

State v. Jenkins (20)

S-15-0169 State v. Erica A. Jenkins (Appellant)

Douglas County, Judge Peter C. Bataillon

Attorneys: Stacy M. Foust (Attorney General’s Office) – Beau Finley (Finley & Kahler PCLLO) and Sean M. Conway (Dornan Lustgarten & Troia PCLLO) (Appellant)

Criminal: First Degree Murder; Use of a Firearm to Commit a Felony; Possession of a Deadly Weapon by a Prohibited Person

Burns v. Burns (PFR)

S-14-0789 Michael P. Burns v. Kerry E. Burns (Appellant)

Adams County District Court, Judge James E. Doyle IV

Attorneys: Robert Sullivan (Appellee) --- Matt Catlett (Appellant)

Civil: Custody

Proceedings below: The Court of Appeals vacated the judgment, and remanded the cause with directions. See Burns v. Burns, 23 Neb. App. 420 (2015). Appellee filed a Petition for Further Review which was granted by the Nebraska Supreme Court.

State v. Meints

A-14-750, State v. Meints (Appellant)

Lancaster County, District Court Judge Robert R. Otte

Attorney for Appellant:  Terry K. Barber (Barber & Barber, P.C., L.L.O.)

Attorney for Appellee:  Rob Caples (Lincoln City Attorney’s Office)

Criminal Action:  Driving While License Was Suspended But Eligible For Reinstatement, Improper Registration, No Proof of Financial Responsibility

Becker v. Walton

A-15-0367, Douglas S. Becker (Appellant) v. Tonya M. Walton

York County, District Court Judge James C. Stecker

Attorney for Appellant:  Charles W. Campbell (Angle, Murphy & Campbell, P.C., L.L.O.)

Attorney for Appellee:  Daniel P. Chesire, Anastasia Wagner (Lamson, Dugan & Murray, LLP)

Civil Action:  Discovery Sanction

State v. Gifford

A-15-0492, State of Nebraska v. Tyrone D. Gifford (Appellant)

Lancaster County, District Court Judge Robert Otte

Attorney for Appellant:  Mark E. Rappl

Attorney for Appellee:  Douglas J. Peterson, Austin N. Relph (Attorney General’s Office)

Criminal Action:  driving under the influence

Action Taken by Trial Court:  The trial court denied Gifford’s motion to suppress his refusal of a chemical blood alcohol test and found him guilty of driving under the influence of alcohol with refusal of a chemical test (2 prior convictions).

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Maystrick v. Maystrick

S-15-0589, Lynnea Maystrick v. Kent Maystrick (Appellant)  

District Court for Sarpy County, Hon. David K. Arterburn

Attorneys: Michael N. Schirber; Michael W. Heavey

Civil: Divorce / Disqualification of Counsel

Proceedings below: District court sustained Lynnea’s objection to Michael N. Schirber’s representation of Kent.

Lindner v. Kindig

S-15-0630 Klaus P. Lindner (Appellant) v. Douglas Kindig, Mayor of the City of La Vista, Brenda Carlisle, Ron Sheehan, Alan Ronon, Anthony Gowan, Kelly Sell, Mike Crawford, Mark Ellerbeck,

Terilyn Quick, as Members of the City Council of and for the City of La Vista, a Nebraska City of the First Class

District Court of Sarpy County, Judge William B. Zastera

Attorneys: K.C. Engdahl (Appellant) --- Gerald L. Freidrichsen (Fitzgerald, Schorr, Barmettler & Brennan, P.C., L.L.O.)

Civil: Statute of limitations

Sickler v. Sickler

S-15-0594 Madeline Loretta Sickler n/k/a Madeline Loretta Schmitz v. Steven Dale Sickler (Appellant)

Buffalo County District Court, Judge Mark J. Young

Attorneys: Michele J. Romero (Knapp, Fangmeyer, Aschwege, Besse & Marsh, P.C.) --- Kent A. Schroeder (Ross, Schroeder & George, LLC) (Appellant)

Civil: Dissolution; contempt

Proceedings below: The district court found Appellant to be in civil contempt of a 2006 order and ordered him to serve 90 days in jail or pay $37,234.84 to purge the sentence.