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Court of Appeals Courtroom, State Capitol Building, Lincoln, Nebraska

Deines v. Essex Corporation

S-15-170 Douglas Deines (Appellee) v. Essex Corporation (Appellant)

Douglas County, Judge Leigh Ann Retelsdorf

Attorneys: Michaelle L. Baumert and Henry L. Wiedrich of Husch Blackwell LLP for Appellant; Timothy S. Dowd for Dowd Howard & Corrigan, LLC for Appellee

Civil: Motion for Reinstatement

Proceedings below: Reinstatement granted

State v. Grant (20)

S-15-0192, State v. Robert W. Grant (appellant)

Douglas County, Hon. Gregory M. Schatz

Attorneys: Douglas J. Peterson and Erin  E. Tangeman (Attorney General’s Office); Thomas C. Riley and John J. Jedlicka (Public Defender’s Office) (Appellant)

Criminal: first degree murder; use of a deadly weapon to commit a felony

Proceedings below:     After a jury trial, Appellant was convicted and sentenced to a term of life and a consecutive term of 50 to 50 years.

In re Estate of Alberts

S-15-0173 In re Estate of Emil C. Alberts; Lois Alberts v. Mark Alberts and Mike Alberts (Appellants)

Custer County Court, Judge Tami K. Schendt

Attorneys: William J. Lindsay, Gross & Welch P.C., L.L.O., for appellants Mark Alberts and Mike Alberts in their idivudual capacities—Gregory C. Scaglione and John V. Matson, Koley Jessen P.C., L.L.O., and Claude E. Berreckman, for appellee--- Steve Windrum (for cross-appellees Mark Alberts and Mike Alberts in their capacities as co-personal representatives and co-trustees)

Civil: Probate

Holloway v. State (15)

S-15-0280 Shamecka Holloway (Appellant) v. State of Nebraska; Department of Corrections; Robert Houston, Retired Director, in his official and individual capacities; Cameron White, Behavioral Health Administrator for the Nebraska Department of Corrections, in his official and individual capacities, Correct Care Solutions, LLC, and Dr. Randy Kohl, in his official and individual capacity

Douglas County, Judge J. Russell Derr

In re Interest of Isabel P. (15)

S-15-0487 In re Interest of Isabel P. et al.

Madison County, Judge Ross Stoffer

Attorneys: Gail E. Collins (County Attorney’s Office) (Appellant) --- Bradley C. Easland (Morland Easland & Lohrberg PC) (GAL for minor children) (Appellee/Cross-Appellant) --- Kathleen Koenig Rockey (Copple Rockey McKeever & Schlecht PCLLO) (for natural father, Charles J.)

Civil: Denial of termination of parental rights; jurisdiction

Poullos v. Pine Crest Homes, LLC

S-15-0236 George Poullos & Jody Poullos v. Pine Crest Homes, LLC (Appellant)

Douglas County, Hon. Timothy P. Burns

Equity: Adverse Possession

Attorneys: Jeffrey A Nix (Pansing Hogan Ernst & Bachman LLP) (Appellant) —James T. Boler

Stevens v. Stevens

S-15-219, Kimberly L. Stevens, n/k/a Kimberly L. Moore [appellant] v. Michael W. Stevens, State of Nebraska [intervenor]

Sarpy County, Honorable David Arterburn

Attorneys: Phillip G. Wright for appellant; Kevin F. Duffy (Deputy Sarpy County Attorney) and Andrew T. Erickson, (Sr. Certified law student) for intervenor. No brief filed for Michael Stevens.

Civil: Action to modify child support

Proceedings below: District court retroactively modified father’s child support obligation

Moreno v. City of Gering (15)

S-15-0216 Rosa Moreno v. City of Gering, a Political Subdivision and Scotts Bluff County, a Political Subdivision (Appellants)

Scotts Bluff County, Judge Randall Lippstreu

Attorneys: Michael W. Meister (Appellee) --- Charles W. Campbell (Angle Murphy & Campbell PCLLO) (for Scotts Bluff County) and Howard P. Olsen (Simmons Olsen) (for City of Gering)

Civil: Personal injury; Political Subdivisions Tort Claims Act, Neb. Rev. Stat. §§ 13-901 et seq.

State v. Gilliam

S-15-0373 State v. Jeffrey R. Gilliam (Appellant)

Lancaster County, Judge Stephanie Stacy

Attorneys: Kimberly A. Klein (Attorney General’s Office) --- Mark Rappl (Appellant)

Criminal: DWI, aggravated, 3rd Offense

Proceedings below: A jury found Appellant guilty of the offense. The court sentenced Appellant to a term of probation.

Issues: The court erred in (1) overruling Appellant’s motion to suppress; (2) finding an alleged 2004 DWI conviction from Missouri was valid for enhancement purposes.

State v. Abejide

S-15-0180, State v. Abejide Abejide (appellant)

Lancaster County, Hon. Paul D. Merritt, Jr.

Attorneys: Douglas J. Peterson and Nathan A. Liss (Attorney General’s Office); Joseph D. Nigro and Kristi Egger Brown (Public Defender’s Office) (Appellant)

Criminal:  first degree sexual assault; terroristic threats