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Court of Appeals Courtroom, State Capitol Building, Lincoln, Nebraska

State v. Jefferson

S-16-0280, State v. Ramone D. Jefferson (Appellant)

District Court of Douglas County, Hon. Gary B. Randall

Attorneys: Ramone D. Jefferson (pro se) — Kimberly A. Klein (Attorney General’s Office)

Civil: Postconviction Action

Proceedings Below: The district court denied Appellant’s motion for postconviction relief without an evidentiary hearing.

Issues: Jefferson assigns that the district court erred in failing to grant an evidentiary hearing on his motion for postconviction relief.

McGill Restoration v. Lion Place Condominium Association

S-16-0325, McGill Restoration, Inc. v. Lion Place Condominium Association, et al. (Appellant)

Douglas County, Judge Peter C. Bataillon

Attorneys: Benjamin E. Maxell (Katskee, Suing & Maxell, PC, LLO) — Jodie Haferbier McGill (McGill Law, P.C., L.L.O.)

Civil: Breach of contract

Gillpatrick v. Department of Correctional Services

S-16-212, Paul Gillpatrick and Niccole Wetherell v. Diane Sabatka-Rine, Denise Skrobecki, and Michael L. Kenney (Appellants)

District Court of Lancaster County, Hon. Robert R. Otte

Attorneys: Amy Miller (ACLU), Michael D. Gooch — David A. Lopez (Attorney General’s Office)

Civil: Inmates’ right to marry

Heckman v. Marchio

S-16-0379, Bryan R. Heckman v. Regina M. Marchio (Appellant)  

Dodge County District Court, Judge Geoffrey C. Hall

Attorneys: Julie Fowler & Brenden M. Kelly (Fowler & Kelly Law, LLP) --- Jeremy Jorgenson (Appellant)

Civil: Attorney disqualification; conflict of interest

Proceedings Below: The district court Appellant’s attorney and his firm from representing Appellant against Appellee due to a previous attorney-client relationship and conflict of interest.

Landrum v. City of Omaha Planning Board

S-16-0383, Matthew Landrum et al. (Appellants) v. City of Omaha Planning Board et al.(Cross Appellants) and Daryl Liese et al.

Douglas County, Judge J. Michael Coffey

Attorneys: Rex J. Moats (Moats Law Firm) — Alan M. Thelen (City Attorney’s Office) and Russell S. Daub

Civil: Zoning - special use permit, conditional use permit, amendment to overlay district

Wheeler v. Sarpy County

A-16-0038, Rick Wheeler (Appellant) v. County of Sarpy, Nebraska and Sarpy County Sheriff’s Office Merit Comm’n

Douglas County, District Court Judge J. Russell Derr

Attorney for Appellant:  Steven M. Delaney, A. Bree Robbins (Reagan, Melton & Delaney, L.L.P.)

Attorney for Appellee:  Vincent Valentino, Brandy Johnson (Valentino Law Firm)

Civil Action:  Sarpy County Sheriff’s Office Merit Commission termination of employment

In re Interest of K.W.

A-16-0684, Mental Health Board of the Fourth Judicial District v. K.W. (Appellant)

Douglas County, District Court Judge Horacio J. Wheelock

Attorney for Appellant:  Thomas C. Riley, Ryan T. Locke (Public Defender’s Office)

Attorney for Appellee:  Eric W. Wells (County Attorney’s Office)

Civil Action:  Sexual Offender Commitment Act

Parking Management & Consultants, Inc. v. City of Omaha

A-15-1112, Parking Mgmt. & Consultants (Appellant) v. City of Omaha

Douglas County, District Judge Kimberly M. Pankonin

Attorney for Appellant: James H. Monahan (Monahan & Monahan)

Attorney for Appellee (State of Nebraska, Department of Roads): Douglas J. Peterson and Barry K. Waid (Attorney General’s Office)

Attorney for Appellee (City of Omaha):  Alan M. Thelen and Jennifer J. Taylor (City Attorney’s Office)

Civil Action:  Injunctive relief; issue/claim preclusion

Ammon v. Husen

A-15-1184, Sheena Ammon, Special Administrator of the Estate of Patricia Cody (Appellant) v. Stephen Nagengast, M.D. and General Surgery Associates, LLC

Otoe County, District Court Judge Jeffrey J. Funke

Attorney for Appellant:  Greg Garland (Greg Garland Law); Kathy Pate Knickrehm; Tara DeCamp (DeCamp Law, PC, LLO); Kent A. Schroeder (Ross, Schroeder & George, LLC)

Attorney for Appellees:  William L. Tannehill, John P. Weis (Wolfe, Snowden, Hurd, Luers & Ahl, LLP)

Civil Action:  Medical Malpractice

Anthony v. The Cattle National Bank & Trust Company

A-15-0899, Karen J. Anthony (Appellant) v. The Cattle National Bank & Trust Co.

District Court of Lancaster County, District Judge Robert R. Otte

Attorney for Appellant: Terry K. Barber (Barber & Barber, PC, LLO)

Attorneys for Appellee: John M. Guthery and Charles F. Kaplan (Perry, Guthery, Haase & Gessford, PC, LLO)

Civil Action: Declaratory Judgment – Quiet Title