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Court of Appeals Courtroom, State Capitol Building, Lincoln, Nebraska

Knehans v. Gorsuch

S-15-0092 Michael B. Knehans v. Carl E. Gorsuch (Appellant)

Chase County District Court

Attorneys: Tim W. Thompson, Kelley, Scritsmier & Byrne, P.C., for appellee---Rory J. Roundtree, Pierce Law Office, for appellant.

Civil: Quiet title

Proceedings Below: Court entered a summary judgment in favor of Michael in his quiet title action.

RGR Company, LLC v. Lincoln Commission on Human Rights

S-15-0076, RGR Company, LLC (Appellant) v. Lincoln Commission on Human Rights o/b/o Lionel Simeus

Lancaster County, Hon. Lori A. Maret

Attorneys: Melanie J. Whittamore-Mantzios (Wolfe Snowden) (Appellant)--- Jeffrey R. Kirkpatrick, City Attorney, and Jocelyn W. Golden, Assistant City Attorney

Civil:Housing Discrimination

Doty v. West Gate Bank, Inc.

S-14-1060, Owen L. Doty, Joy A. Doty, Ronald L. Doty, and Angela J. Doty v. West Gate Bank, Inc. (Appellant)

Lancaster County, Hon. Andrew Jacobsen

Attorneys: Gregory S. Frayser (Cline Williams) (Appellant); Joel G. Lonowski, Andrew K. Joyce (Morrow Poppe)

Civil: Declaratory Judgment – Deeds of Trust

Pearce v. Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company

S-14-0947, Kevin P. Pearce (Appellant) v. Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company and Continuum Worldwide Corp.

Douglas County, Judge Thomas A. Otepka

Attorneys: Rodney K. Vincent (Appellant) ---James M. Bausch, Richard P. Jeffries, Adam W. Barney (Cline Williams)

Civil: Replevin - Arbitration

Proceedings below:    District court denied Pearce’s motion to compel the defendants to participate in an arbitration involving Pearce and an entity related to the defendants.

Brozek v. Brozek

S-14-0957 and 14-1141, Shelley Brozek v. Kirk Brozek (Appellant) (consolidated appeals)

Antelope County, Hon. Mark Johnson

Attorneys: David Domina, Christoper Mihalo (Domina Law Group pc llo) (Appellant) --- Russell Westerhold

Civil: Divorce

Grammer v. Lucking

S-14-1080 Joleen and Terry Grammer (Appellants) v. Darren and Cory Lucking

Jefferson County District Court, Judge Paul W. Korslund

Attorneys: Rodney J. Rehm (Rehm, Bennett & Moore, P.C., LLO) (Appellants) --- Susan K Sapp & Robert M. Kinney-Walker (Cline Williams Wright Johnson & Oldfather, L.L.P.)

Civil: Summary judgment; dog chase

State v. Goynes

S-15-0352 State (Appellee) v. Duante L. Goynes (Appellant)

Douglas County District Court, Honorable Marlon Polk

Attorneys: Duante L. Goynes (Pro se Appellant) --- Nathan A. Liss (Attorney General’s Office)

Civil: Postconviction Relief

Proceedings below: The district court denied Appellant’s petition for postconviction relief.

State v. Cardeilhac (20)

S-15-0217 State v. Dylan Cardeilhac (Appellant)

Scotts Bluff County, Judge Travis P. O’Gorman

Attorneys: Todd W. Lancaster (Nebraska Commission on Public Advocacy)(for Appellant) --- Melissa R. Vincent (Attorney General’s Office)

Criminal: Second Degree Murder

Proceedings below: A jury found Appellant guilty of 2nd degree murder. He was sentenced 60 years to life in prison.

State v. Lavalleur

S-15-0481 State v. Curtis H. Lavalleur (Appellant)

Lancaster County, Judge Andrew Jacobsen

Attorneys: Webb E. Bancroft (Public Defender’s Office) (Appellant) --- George R. Love (Attorney General’s Office)

Criminal: Attempted first degree sexual assault

In re Interest of Dale L.

S-15-0205 In re Interest of Dale L. (Appellant)

Lancaster County, Judge Reggie Ryder

Attorneys: Ashley J. Bohnet (County Attorney’s Office) --- Sarah Safarik (Public Defender’s Office) (Appellant)

Criminal: Transfer of case from juvenile court to county court

Proceedings below: The separate juvenile court transferred Appellant’s juvenile case to Lancaster County Court. Upon appeal, the Court of Appeals asked the parties to address the issue of jurisdiction in the briefs.