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Court of Appeals Courtroom, State Capitol Building, Lincoln, Nebraska

State ex rel. Counsel/Discipline v. Pivovar

S-12-1165, State ex rel. Counsel for Discipline of the Nebraska Supreme Court v. Gregory A. Pivovar

Original Action

Attorneys: D.C. “Woody” Bradford (Bradford & CoenenLLC) (for Respondent) --- John W. Steele (Assistant Counsel for Discipline)

Civil: Attorney Discipline

Proceedings below: The referee found violations of the Nebraska Rules of Professional Conduct and recommended a suspension along with a 2 year probation and practice monitor.

Issues: What is the appropriate sanction?

Davydzenkava v. Davydzenkau

S-13-0502, Natallia Davydzenkava, n/k/a Natallia Washburn (Appellant) v. Uladzimir Davydzenkau (Appellee).

Douglas County, Judge Leigh Ann Retelsdorf

Attorneys:  Douglas W. Ruge (Appellant) --- Charles L. Grimes (Appellee) (Vacanti Shattuck).

Civil:  Uniform Interstate Family Support Act, Personal and Subject Matter Jurisdiction

Proceedings Below:  The district court determined that it lacked both subject matter and personal jurisdiction and granted Uladzimir’s motion to set aside the judgment and dismiss the underlying action.

State v. Hillard

S-13-0372, State v. Robert S. Hillard (Appellant)

Jefferson County, Judge Alan G. Gless

Attorneys: J. Kirk Brown (Attorney General’s Office) ---Eric J. Williams (Appellant)

Criminal: new direct appeal on driving during suspension, refusal to submit to a chemical test and failure to appear.

Blaser v. County of Madison

S-13-0764, Larry Blaser, Terry McCaw and Patricia McCaw (Appellants) v. County of Madison, Nebraska, A Political Subdivision of the State of Nebraska

Madison County, Judge Robert B. Ensz

Attorneys: Todd B. Vetter (Fitzgerald Vetter & Temple) (Appellants) --- Vincent Valentino, Brandy Johnson (Appellee)

Civil: Political Subdivisions Tort Claims Act

Sanitary and Improvement District #424 v. Tristar Management, LLC

S-13-0582, Sanitary and Improvement District No. 424 of Douglas County, Nebraska v. Tristar Management, LLC (Appellant)

Douglas County, Hon. J. Michael Coffey

Attorneys:  Christian R. Blunk (Harris Kuhn); Mark J. LaPuzza (Pansing Hogan Ernst & Bachmann)

Civil:  Real Estate – Quiet Title

Proceedings below:  District court denied Tristar’s motion for summary judgment and sustained the SID’s motion for summary judgment after it determined that the SID’s 1999 special assessments continued to be valid liens on the subject real properties.

Kim v. Gen-X Clothing, Inc.

S-13-0802, Matthew Kim v. Gen-X Clothing, Inc. and Farmers Truck Insurance Exchange (Appellants)

Workers Compensation Court, Judge James R. Coe

Attorneys: Stacy L. Morris (Lamson Dugan & Murray LLP) (Appellants) --- Dirk V. Block (Marks Clare Richards LLC)

Civil: Finding of disability and award of benefits

Proceedings below: The trial court found plaintiff was temporarily and totally disabled and was entitled to indemnity benefits along with a running award of TTD until he reached MMI.

Kibler v. Kibler

S-13-0572, Cheryl McMullan, f/k/a Cheryl Kibler [appellant] v. Kevin Kibler

Sarpy County, Honorable Max Kelch

Attorneys: Karen S. Nelson (Schirber & Wagner, LLP) for appellant; Joni Visek for appellee

Civil: Action on motion to vacate a divorce decree

Proceedings: District court denied a motion to vacate a dissolution decree

Rodgers v. Nebraska State Fair

A-13-0651, Charles Rodgers (Appellant) v. Nebraska State Fair

Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Court, Judge Michael K. High

Attorneys: David M. Handley (Dyer Law PCLLO) (Appellant) ---Brynne E. Holsten (Engles Ketcham Olson & Keith PC)

Civil: Award of benefits for injured employee

J.M. v. Hobbs

S-13-0616, J.M., as Guardian and Conservator for his minor child, C.M. (Appellant) v. Billy L. Hobbs

Linscott v. Shasteen

S-13-0597,  Martin V. Linscott, individually and on behalf of Shasteen, Linscott, & Brock, P.C. (Appellants) v. Rolf E. Shasteen and Tony J. Brock (Appellees)

Lancaster County, Judge James T. Gleason

Attorneys:  V. Gene Summerlin and Marnie A. Jensen, Husch Blackwell, L.L.P. (Appellants) — Victor E. Covalt, III, and Adam R. Little, Ballew Covalt Hazen P.C., L.L.O. (Appellees)

Civil: action for accounting filed by shareholder of professional corporation, breach of contract