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Court of Appeals Courtroom, State Capitol Building, Lincoln, Nebraska

Aldrich obo Bethel Lutheran Church v. Nelson

S-14‑0143, Debra Aldrich et al obo Bethel Lutheran Church (Appellants) v. Clarke Nelson et al obo Bethel Lutheran Church & Bethel Evangelical Lutheran Church Foundation of Holdrege, Nebraska, Inc.

Phelps County District Court, Judge Terri Harder

Attorneys:  Robert A. Mooney & Abbie M. Schumann (Gross & Welch, P.C., L.L.O.) (Appellants) ‑‑‑ Scott E. Daniel (Gettman & Mills, LLP) & Kurth A. Brashear (Brashear LLP)

Civil: Nonprofit corporation; subject matter jurisdiction

Shasta Linen Supply, Inc. v. Applied Underwriters, Inc.

S-14-0270, Shasta Linen Supply, Inc. v. Applied Underwriters, Inc. and Applied Underwriters Captive Risk Assurance Company, Inc. (Appellants)

Douglas County District Court, Judge Duane C. Dougherty

Attorneys: Jeffrey A. Silver (Appellants) --- Robert D. Mullin, Jr. (McGrath North Mullin & Kratz, PC LLO)

Civil: Subject matter jurisdiction; arbitration clause

Proceedings below: The trial court determined it had subject matter jurisdiction and temporarily enjoined Appellants from pursuing the arbitration proceedings.

Whitesides v. Whitesides

S-13-0493, Linda Whitesides (Appellant) v. Dwight Eric Whitesides (Appellee)

Douglas County, Judge W. Russell Bowie

Attorneys: Susan A. Anderson (Appellant) (Anderson, Bressman & Hoffman Law Firm, P.C., L.L.O.) --- Philip B. Katz (Appellee) (Koenig Dunne)

Civil: Divorce

State v. Merheb

S-14-0315,  State of Nebraska v. Ramez Merheb (Appellant)

Douglas County, Judge John A. Colborn

Attorneys: Robert B. Creager of Anderson, Creager & Wittstruck for Appellant ---Nathan A. Liss for the State of Nebraska. 

Criminal: Plea withdrawal

Proceedings below: The district court denied the Defendant’s motion to set aside a guilty plea.

Issues: Whether the Defendant’s guilty plea should be set aside.


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Steinhausen v. Homeservices of Nebraska, Inc.

S-13-1103, Matthew M. Steinhausen d/b/a Steinhausen Home Inspections, LLC (Appellant) v. Homeservices of Nebraska, Inc., Shelly J. Nitz, and Woods Brothers Realty (Appellees)

Lancaster County, Judge Robert Otte

Attorneys:  Michael D. Reisbig of Nolan, Olson & Stryker (Appellees Homeservices of Nebraska, Inc., and Wood Brothers Realty) -- Shawn D. Renner of Cline Williams Wright Johnson & Oldfather (Appellee Nitz)---Steinhausen appears pro se. No attorney appears on behalf of Steinhausen Home Inspections, LLC.

Johnson v. Nelson

A-14-0049, Chad P. Johnson (Appellant) v. Christopher M. Nelson, Personal Representative of the Estate of Stewart S. Minnick, deceased, Mary E. Nelson, Mary Lynne James, Elizabeth Ann Nelson (a/k/a Elizabeth Ann Yoder), and Christopher M. Nelson

Frontier County, Judge David W. Urbom

Attorneys: Nathaniel J. Mustion (Mousel Brooks Garner &Schneider PCLLO) and Victor E. Covalt III, Adam R. Little (Ballew Covalt Hazen PCLLO) (for Appellant) --- Terry R. Wittler (Cline Williams Wright Johnson & Oldfather LLP)

Brothers v. Kimball County

S-13-0725, Bradly R. Brothers (Appellant) v. Kimball County Hospital, D/B/A Kimball Health Services, County of Kimball, a Political Subdivision, Kimball County Hospital, Kimball County Hospital Board of Trustees, Kimball Health Services, Kimball Health Services Board of Trustees, and Trevor W. Bush et al.

Kimball County, Judge Derek Weimer

State v. Ballew

S-13-1065, State v. Joshua D. Ballew (Appellant)

Lancaster County, Judge Stephanie Stacy

Attorneys: Stacy M. Foust (Attorney General’s Office) --- Jessica Milburn (Appellant)

Criminal: First degree assault (2 counts); second degree assault (2 counts); use of a weapon to commit a felony (2 counts).