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Administrative Office of the Courts and Probation Calendar

05/30/2016 (All day)

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Court of Appeals Courtroom, State Capitol Building, Lincoln, Nebraska

In re Estate of Stuchlik

S-13-1118, In re Estate of Edward J. Stuchlik, Jr., and In re Trust Created by Edward J. Stuchlik, Jr. – John E. Stuchlik, Interested Party-Petitioner (Appellant)

Saunders County Court, Hon. Patrick R. McDermott

Attorneys:  Paul R. Elofson (Fitzgerald Schorr);

Richard L. Rice, Andrew C. Pease (Crosby Guenzel)

Civil: Probate – Removal of Personal Representative and Removal of Co-Trustees

O'Brien v. Bellevue Public Schools (PFR)

S-12-0843, Robert O’Brien (Appellant) v. Bellevue Public Schools

Sarpy County, Judge William B. Zastera

Attorneys: Jeremy C. Jorgenson (Appellant) --- Laura K. Essay, Kevin R. McManaman (Knudsen Berkheimer Richardson & Endacott LLP)

Civil: Wrongful termination

In re Interest of Gabriella H. (PFR)

S-13-0900, In re Interest of Gabriella H.

Colfax County, Judge Patrick McDermott

Attorneys: Jerod L. Trouba (Appellant Ricardo R.) --- Leslie J. Buhl (County Attorney’s Office) --- Jacqueline M. Tessendorf (GAL)

Civil: Termination of Parental Rights

City of Beatrice v. Meints (PFR)

S-12-1083 - S-12-1092) City of Beatrice v. Daniel A. Meints (Appellant)

(Cases S-12-1083 to 12-1092 consolidated on appeal)

Gage County, Judge Daniel E. Bryan, Jr.

Attorneys: Gregory Butcher (City Attorney) --- Terry K. Barber (Barber & Barber PCLLO) (Appellant)

Criminal: Section 16-623 of the Beatrice City Code; unregistered motor vehicles

State v. Planck

S-14-0151, State v. Sarah E. Planck (Appellant)

Platte County, Judge Robert R. Steinke

Attorneys: Nathan J. Sohriakoff (Public Defender’s Office) --- Kimberly Klein (Attorney General’s Office)

Criminal: Driving during revocation, a Class II misdemeanor

Proceedings below: A jury found Appellant guilty and she was sentenced to 30 days in jail. The district court affirmed.

Huskey v. Huskey

S-13-1140, Curtis Charles Huskey (Appellant) v. Deitra Marie Huskey n/k/a Neitra Marie Osterfoss (Appellee/Cross-Appellant)

Douglas County, Judge J. Russell Derr

Attorneys: Vanessa J. Gorden, Abigail F. Littrell (GordenLaw LLC) (Appellant) --- Kelly T. Shattuck (Vacanti Shattuck) (Appellee)

Civil: Modification of decree

In re Interest of Shayla H. (PFR)

S-13-0643, In re Interest of Shayla H. et al.

Separate Juvenile Court for Lancaster County, Judge Linda S. Porter

Attorneys: Patrick T. Carraher (Legal Aid of NE for Appellant David H.) --- Ashley Bohnet (County Attorney’s Office)

Civil: Disposition; Indian Child Welfare Act

White v. Orr

A-13-1010, Pamela A. Manon, Amy M. White, Brian E. Krzykowski, and Jill A Krzykowski, as successors in interest to Judy A. White, and William E. Waechter [appellants] v. Peggy J. Orr, Jeff C. Orr, and The First National Bank of North Platte

Lincoln County, Honorable Richard A. Birch

Attorneys: William J. Erickson and George E. Clough for appellants; Timothy P. Brouillette (Brouillette, Dugan & Troshynksi, P.C.) for appellees

Civil: Action in equity to impose a constructive trust on real property transferred from a revocable trust

In re Interest of Nedhal A.

S-14-0217, In re Interest of Nedhal A.; State v. Nedhal A. (Appellant)

Separate Juvenile Court for Lancaster County, Judge Toni Thorson

Attorneys: Mathew Meyerle (Public Defender’s Office) --- Lory Pasold (County Attorney’s Office)

Criminal: Juvenile adjudication; criminal mischief

Proceedings below: The Appellant admitted to the petition. The trial court adjudicated Appellant. The court placed Appellant on Intensive Supervised Probation with placement at YRTC-Geneva.

Bd Trustees Omaha Police & Fire Retirement System v. City of Omaha, NE

S-13-0956, Board of Trustees of the City of Omaha Police and Fire Retirement System v. City of Omaha, Nebraska, The Honorable Jean Stothert, Mayor of Omaha, and the Omaha City Council and its Honorable Members, Aimee Melton, Franklin Thompson, Peter Festersen, Garry Gernandt, Ben Gray, Rich Pahls, and Chris Jerram (Appellants)

Douglas County, Judge James T. Gleason

Attorneys: Matthew S. Noren, John P. Passarelli (Kutak Rock LLP) (for Appellants) ---John R. Douglas, David A. Blagg (Cassem Tierney Adams Gotch & Douglas) (for Appellee)