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Court of Appeals Courtroom, State Capitol Building, Lincoln, Nebraska

Elting v. Elting

S-13-0551, Perry Elting, Rejean Elting, and Knud Elting, v. Kerwin Elting

Nuckolls County, Judge Vicky L. Johnson

Attorneys: Steven E. Guenzel and Cameron E. Guenzel (Johnson, Flodman, Guenzel, and Widger) (Appellants)--- Daniel E. Klaus and Sheila A. Bentzen (Rembolt Ludtke, L.L.P.)

Civil: Appeal from bench trial entering judgment in favor of Appellees enforcing their rights under a partnership agreement.

Wayne G. v. Jacqueline W. (PFR)

S-12-1037, Wayne G. (Appellant) v. Jacqueline W.

Seward County, Judge Gerald Rouse

Attorneys: Jerrod P. Jaeger (Appellant) --- Eric J. Williams (Appellee)

Civil: Paternity; Termination of parental rights

Proceedings below: After a trial, the court terminated Appellant’s parental rights. The Court of Appeals affirmed. See Wayne G. v. Jacqueline W., 21 Neb. App. 551 (2013). Appellant filed a Petition for Further Review which was granted by the Nebraska Supreme Court.

State v. Lockett

S-13-0814, State v. Millard F. Lockett (Appellant)

Lancaster County, Judge Steven Burns

Attorneys: John Jorgensen (Public Defender’s Office) (Appellant) --- J. Kirk Brown (Attorney General’s Office)

Criminal: Double Jeopardy; violation of community supervision provisions

Proceedings below: The trial court denied Appellant’s plea in bar. This appeal followed.

Issues: The trial court erred in overruling Appellant’s plea in bar and failing to find a nonfrivolous double jeopardy claim.

Tierney v. Four H Land Company Ltd. Partnership

S-13-0720, James Tierney and Jeffrey Tierney (Appellants) v. Four H Land Company Limited Partnership; Western Engineering Company, Inc.; Frank Aloi, Trustee of the Aloi Living Trust; and Aloi Living Trust

Lincoln County, Judge William T. Wright

Breci v. St. Paul Mercury Insurance Company

S-12-0983, Fred Breci, William Gallo, Henry Kammerer, Michael Kros, Carl Launder, Steven Slater, S. Anthony Siahpush (Appellants) v. St Paul Mercury Ins. Co. (Appellee) and Union Pacific Streamliner Federal Credit Union (Intervenor-Appellant).

Douglas County, Judge W. Russell Bowie, III

Attorneys:  Amy Jorgensen, C. Thomas White, Thomas M. White (White & Jorgensen) (Appellants) – Thomas A. Grennan, Abbie M. Schurman (Gross & Welch) (Appellee)

Civil:  Declaratory Judgment; insurance coverage

State v. Hettle

S-13-0661, State v. Logan Hettle (Appellant)

Seward County, Judge Jeffre Cheuvront

Attorneys: Kimberly A. Klein (Attorney General’s Office) --- James Mowbray, Sarah P. Newell (Nebraska Commission on Public Advocacy)

Criminal: Motion for absolute discharge; speedy trial

Proceedings below: The trial court overruled Appellant’s motion for absolute discharge. Appellant filed a Petition to Bypass the Court of Appeals which was granted by the Nebraska Supreme Court.

State v. Rodriguez (PFR)

S-13-0062, State v. Lucio Rodriguez (Appellant)

Scotts Bluff County, Judge Leo Dobrovolny

Attorneys: Kimberly Klein (Attorney General’s Office) --- Bell Island (Island & Huff PCLLO) (Appellant)

Criminal: DUI, 3rd offense, BAC greater than .15, Class IIIA felony

Garza v. Garza

S-13-0606,  Donna L. Garza, a/k/a Donna L. Faust Aman (Appellee/Cross-Appellant) v. Arturo Garza (Appellant)

Douglas County, Judge Gary B. Randall

Attorneys:  Wendy J. Ridder of Law Offices of Daniel P. Bracht, P.C., L.L.O. (Appellant) — Benjamin M. Belmont of Brodkey, Peebles, Belmont and Line, LLP (Appellee)

Civil: modification of decree of dissolution

RFD-TV, LLC v. WildOpenWest Finance, LLC

S-13-0581, RFD-TV, LLC (Appellant) v. WideOpenWest Finance, LLC d/b/a WOW! Cable and Knology, Inc. (Appellees).

Douglas County, Judge Michael J. Coffey.

Attorneys:       Steven D. Davidson (Appellant) (Baird Holm LLP) --- Megan S. Wright & Vince M. Roche (Appellees) (Cline, Williams, Johnson & Oldfather, LLP and Davenport, Evans, Hurwitz & Smith, LLP, respectively).

Civil:   Personal Jurisdiction

In re Interest of Najazia S.

A-13-0916, In re Interest of Najazia S.

Lancaster County, Judge Roger Heideman

Attorneys: Patrick Carraher (Legal Aid of NE, for Appellant minor child) --- CJ Roberts (Special Assistant Attorney General for NDHHS)

Criminal: Disposition after a status offense