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Court of Appeals Courtroom, State Capitol Building, Lincoln, Nebraska

State v. Watts

A-13-1105, State of Nebraska v. Elijah Watts (Appellant)
A-13-1136, State of Nebraska v. Elijah Watts (Appellant)

Lancaster County, District Court Judge Paul D. Merritt, Jr. (A-13-1105)

Lancaster County, District Court Judge Jodi L. Nelson (A-13-1136)

Attorney for Appellant:  Chad J. Wythers (Berry law Firm)

Attorney for Appellee:  Jon Bruning, James D. Smith (Attorney General’s Office)

Criminal Action:  Driving under the influence

State v. Armagost

A-14-0058, State of Nebraska v. Jacob D. Armagost (Appellant)

Merrick County, District Court Judge Michael Owens

Attorney for Appellant:  Mitchell C. Stehlik (Lauritsen, Brownell, Brostrom, & Stehlik, P.C., L.L.O.)

Attorney for Appellee:  Jon Bruning, Lauro Nigro (Attorney General’s Office)

Criminal Action:  Operating a motor vehicle to avoid arrest

Action Taken by Trial Court:  Following a jury trial, Armagost was convicted of operating a motor vehicle in a willful reckless manner to avoid arrest

Rommers v. Rommers

A-14-119, Aaron E. Rommers (Appellant) v. Elizabeth Rommers

Holt County, Judge Mark D. Kozisek

Attorney for Appellant:  Joel E. Carlson (Stratton DeLay Doele Carlson & Buettner PCLLO)

Attorney for Appellee:  Lori McLain Lee (Legal Aid of Nebraska)

Civil Action: Dissolution of Marriage; Custody

Action Taken by Trial Court:  The trial court dissolved the marriage an awarded custody of the parties’ minor child to the appellee. The appellant was given parenting time and ordered to pay child support of $424 per month.

Breit v. Breit

A-13-0675, Donald H. Breit, III (Appellant) v. Marianne S. Breit

District Court for Lancaster County, District Judge John A. Colburn

Attorneys for Appellant:  Donald H. Bowman & Terri M. Weeks (Bowman Krieger Law Firm)

Attorney for Appellee:  W. Patrick Betterman (Betterman Law Firm)

Civil Action:  Motion to vacate decree of dissolution

Malchow v. Michaelsen

A-13-0762, Joy Malchow (Appellant) v. Mary Michaelsen

Douglas County, District Court Judge Shelly R. Stratman

Attorney for Appellant:  Terrence J. Salerno, Joseph B. Muller

Attorney for Appellee:  Dan H. Ketcham, Dain J. Johnson (Engles, Ketcham, Olson & Keith, P.C.)

Civil Action:  Negligence/Personal Injury

Johnson v. Johnson

A-13-0775, Elizabeth Grant D’Allura (f/k/a Elizabeth Grant Johnson) (Appellant) v. Kari Johnson

Douglas County, District Court Judge Shelly R. Stratman

Attorney for Appellant:  Rodney c. Dahlquist, Jr., Christine A. Lustgarten (Dornan, Lustgarten & Troia PC LLO)

Attorney for Appellee:  Virgina A. Albers (Lieben, Whitted, Houghton, Slowiaczek & Cavanagh, P.C., L.L.O.)

Civil Action:  Child Support Modification

In re Estate of Panec

A-13-0777, In the Matter of the Estate of Ellen M. Panec, Deceased. Rebecca Griffin (Appellant) v. William J. Panec, Personal Representative

Jefferson County, County Court Judge Steven B. Timm

Attorney for Appellant:  Eric B. Brown (Atwood, Holsten, Brown & Deaver Law Firm, P.C., L.L.O.)

Attorney for Appellee:  Vincent M. Powers (Vincent M. Powers & Associates)

Civil Action:  Probate

Leonard v. Leonard

A-13-0942, Joseph Glenn Leonard (Appellant) v. Kristina Kaye McKee, a/k/a Kristina Kaye Leonard

District Court for Washington County, District Judge John E. Samson

Attorney for Appellant:  Avis R. Andrews

Attorney for Appellee:  Anita L. Mayo (Family and Juvenile Law Omaha)

Civil Action:  Dissolution of marriage

Action taken by the Trial Court:  The trial court dissolved the parties’ marriage, granted sole legal and physical custody of the parties’ children to Kristina, and ordered Joseph to pay child support.

State v. Kellogg

A-14-0038, State of Nebraska v. Betty Kellogg (Appellant)

Burt County, District Court Judge John E. Samson

Attorney for Appellant:  Nicholas E. Wurth (The Law Offices of Nichloas E. Wurth, PC)

Attorney for Appellee:  Jon Bruning, Kimberly A. Klein (Attorney General’s Office)

Criminal Action:  Possession of Methamphetamine

Action Taken by Trial Court:  The trial court overruled a motion to suppress and convicted Appellant after a bench trial.

State v. Herrera

S-13-0659, State v. Carlos R. Herrera (Appellant)

Scottsbluff County District Court, Judge Leo Dobrovolny

Attorneys: George R. Love (Attorney General’s Office) --- David S. MacDonald (Appellant)

Criminal: Child abuse, serious injury, Class II felony

Proceedings below: Following a jury trial, Appellant was convicted.