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Court of Appeals Courtroom, State Capitol Building, Lincoln, Nebraska

Banks v. Heineman

S-12-0723, Steven Banks, Jim Fuchtman, Jerry Hanefeldt, Norman MacKeprang, Virgil Miller, Marty O’Connor, Rayder Swanson, Individually, Property Owners, Taxpayers, and as Elected Supervisors, and County of Knox, State of Nebraska (Appellees/Cross-Appellants) v. Dave Heineman, Governor, Don Stenberg, Treasurer, Douglas A. Ewald, Tax Commissioner, All Executive Officials of the State of Nebraska (Appellants)

Lancaster County, Judge Paul D. Merritt, Jr.

Wiles v. Wiles Bros., Inc.

S-12-769, Bruce E. Wiles & Annette Wiles (Appellants)  v. Wiles Bros., Inc., a Nebraska Corporation, and Marvin C. Wiles

Cass County, Judge Daniel E. Bryan, Jr.

Attorneys: David A. Domina & Jason B. Bottlinger (DominaLaw Group PC LLO) (Appellant) --- Brian J. Brislen & Daniel J. Waters & Gage R. Cobb (Lamson, Dugan, and Murray, LLP) (Wiles Bros., Inc.) ---Michael B. Lustgarten, Britt Carlson (Lustgarten Roberts) (for Marvin C. Wiles)

Civil: Dissolution of a corporation 

State v. Thacker

S-12-0895, State (Appellant) v. Eric C. Thacker
S-12-0896, State (Appellant) v. Gail L. Morgan-Thacker

(Consolidated cases)

Dawson County, Judge James E. Doyle, IV

Attorneys: Michael R. Johnson (County Attorney’s Office) (Appellant) --- Mark R. McKeone (Appellees)

Criminal: 5 counts of violating the compulsory attendance statute, Neb. Rev. Stat. § 79-201

State v. Au

S-12-0040, State v. Doan Q. Au (Appellant)

Douglas County, Judge Mark Ashford

Attorneys: William J. O’Brien (Appellant) --- Nathan Liss (Attorney General’s Office)

Criminal: Possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute

Proceedings below: The trial court overruled Appellant’s motion to suppress. After a trial to the court, Appellant was found guilty. He was sentenced 10-12 years in prison.

State v. Dixon

S-12-0791, State v. Michale Dixon (Appellant)

Lancaster County, Judge Karen B. Flowers

Attorneys: Steffanie J. Garner Kotik (Appellant) --- Kimberly A. Klein (Attorney General’s Office)

Criminal: Plea: Unauthorized use of a financial transaction device; habitual criminal

Proceedings below: Appellant entered a plea of no contest. After an enhancement hearing, she was determined to be a habitual criminal and sentenced 10 to 20 years in prison.