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Court of Appeals Courtroom, State Capitol Building, Lincoln, Nebraska

Oettinger v. Hiatt

A-12-0468, Mark Oettinger and Mendy Oettinger v. Irvin P. Hiatt and Vivian M. Hiatt, husband and wife (Appellants)

Lincoln County, County Court Judge Michael E. Piccolo

Attorney for Appellant:  Terrance O. Waite, Patrick M Heng (Waite, McWha & Heng)

Attorney for Appellee:  David W. Pederson (Pederson Law Office)

Civil Action:  Breach of implied warranty of workmanlike performance

Action Taken by Trial Court:  The trial court awarded damages to the Oettingers for a breach of an implied warranty.

In re Interest of Josselynn E.

A-12-0455, In re Interest of Josselynn E., State v. Evelyn M. and Robert E. (Appellants)

Buffalo County Court, sitting as a juvenile court, Judge Graten D. Beavers

Attorney for Appellant: Stephen G. Lowe

GAL for Appellant Mother: D. Brandon Brinegar

Attorney for Appellee Father: Vikki S. Stamm

Attorney for Appellee: Patrick M. Lee (County Attorney’s Office)

Civil Action: Termination of Parental Rights

State v. Kelly

A-12-0218, State of Nebraska v. William J. Kelly (Appellant)

Cedar County, District Court Judge Paul J. Vaughn

Attorney for Appellant:  Michael J. Wilson (Schaefer Shapiro, LLP)

Attorney for Appellee:  Jon Bruning, Stacy M. Foust (Attorney General’s Office)

Criminal Action:  First degree sexual assault, incest

Action Taken by Trial Court:  The jury found Kelly guilty of two counts of first degree sexual assault and two counts of incest.

Jacobson v. Shresta

A-11-0438, Michael L. Jacobson, Special Administrator of the Estate of Virginia A. Jacobson, deceased,  and Myron J. Jacobson (Apellants) v. Sherry K. Shrestha & Gaston Cornu-Labat

Sheridan County District Court, Judge Brian Silverman

Attorney for Appellant: Christopher Welsh (Welsh & Welsh, P.C., L.L.O.

Attorney for Appellee: Mark A. Christensen, Tracy A. Oldemeyer, Cristin McGarry Berkhausen (Cline, Williams, Wright, Johnson & Oldfather)

Civil Action: Medical malpractice

Strode v. Saunders County Board of Equalization

S-12-0911, S-12-0912, S-12-0913, S-12-0914), Randy and Helen Strode (Petitioners) v. Saunders County Board of Equalization (Respondent)

Consolidated appeals

Tax Equalization and Review Commission

Attorneys: Scott Tingelhoff (Saunders County Attorney) --- Terry K. Barber (Barber & Barber PCLLO) (Petitioners)

Civil: Tax protest of valuation of real property; zoned for public and semi-public use

City of Papillion v. Pinnacle Enterprises, Inc.

S-12-0385, City of Papillion v. Pinnacle Enterprises, Inc. (Appellant)

Sarpy County, Judge Daniel E. Bryan, Jr.

Attorneys: Paul F. Peters (Appellant) --- Michael N. Schirber (Schirber & Wagner, LLP)  

Civil: Condemnation proceedings; costs and fees

Proceedings below: The district court found there had been only one eminent domain taking and awarded attorney fees, court costs, and expert witness fees to Pinnacle.

Beveridge v. Savage

S-12-1007, Reid Beveridge (Appellant) v. John and Jill Savage (Appellee)

Cass County District Court, Judge Randall L. Rehmeier 

Attorneys: Christopher A. Sievers and Joseph F. Gross, (Timmermier, Gross & Prentiss) (Appellant); T. Cody Farrens and Douglas Phillips (Klass Law Firm, L.L.P.)

Civil: Landlord/tenant; Appeal from grant of summary judgment in favor of Appellees  

State v. Sikes

S-12-0399, State v. Gary L. Sikes (Appellant)

Hall County, Judge William T. Wright

Attorneys: Vicky A. Kenney (Public Defender’s Office) ---George R. Love (Attorney General’s Office)

Criminal: Plea: DUI, 3rd offense

Proceedings below: Appellant entered a plea to DUI, 3rd offense. He was sentenced to 365 days in jail, a $600 fine and revocation of his license for 15 years.

Fox v. Whitbeck

S-12-0821, Mary Fox (Appellee) v. Raymond Whitbeck and John McWilliams (Intervenor/Appellant) and Sherry McWill (Intervenor)

Douglas County, Judge J. Michael Coffey

Attorneys: Ralph E. Peppard (Appellee) --- Theodore R. Boecker, Jr. (Boecker Law PCLLO) (for Intervenor/Appellant)

Civil: Lien on property; sheriff’s sale of property

Gillespie v. Gillespie

S-12-0757, Daniel J. Gillespie (Appellant) v. Victoria A. Gillespie

Madison County, Judge Robert B. Ensz

Attorneys: Kathleen Koenig Rockey (Copple Rockey McKeever & Schlecht PCLLO) (Appellant) --- Mark Keenan (Appellee)

Civil: Dissolution with child custody

Proceedings below: The trial court dissolved the marriage and divided the assets and liabilities. The court awarded primary physical custody of the children to Appellee subject to parenting time by Appellant. The court set child support and awarded alimony to Appellee.