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Court of Appeals Courtroom, State Capitol Building, Lincoln, Nebraska

State v. Ballew

S-13-1065, State v. Joshua D. Ballew (Appellant)

Lancaster County, Judge Stephanie Stacy

Attorneys: Stacy M. Foust (Attorney General’s Office) --- Jessica Milburn (Appellant)

Criminal: First degree assault (2 counts); second degree assault (2 counts); use of a weapon to commit a felony (2 counts).

DMK Biodiesel, LLC v. McCoy

S-14-0150, DMK Biodiesel LLC and Lanoha Biofuels LLC (Appellants) v. John McCoy, John Hanson, Phil High, Jason Anderson, and Renewable Fuels Technology LLC

Buffalo County, Judge John P. Icenogle

Attorneys: David A. Domina, Megan N. Mikolajczyk (Domina Law Group pcllo) (Appellants) --- Daniel L. Lindstrom, Nicholas R. Norton (Jacobsen Orr Lindstrom & Holbrook PCLLO) (Appellees McCoy, Hanson, High and Anderson) --- L. Steve Grasz, Mark D. Hill, Michael Schmidt (Husch Blackwell LLP) (Appellee Renewable Fuels Technology LLC)

State v. Thorpe

S-14-0495, State v. Terrell T. Thorpe (Appellant)

Douglas County, Judge Peter C. Bataillon

Attorneys: Pro Se Appellant --- George R. Love (Attorney General’s Office)

Civil: Postconviction; life sentence

Proceedings below: The district court denied postconviction relief without an evidentiary hearing.

Gibbons Ranches, L.L.C. v. Bailey

S-14-0109, Gibbons Ranches, L.L.C. (Appellant) v. Joel D. Bailey and Jaimee Bailey (Appellees)

S-14-0110, Gibbons Ranches, L.L.C. (Appellant) v. B Agri-Services, Inc. d/b/a Circle B Farms and Tom Bailey (Appellees)

Custer County, Judge Karin L. Noakes

Attorneys:  Bradley D. Holbrook and Nicholas A. Buda of Jacobsen Orr Lindstrom and Holbrook (Appellant) — Christopher P. Wickham of Sennett, Duncan, Jenkins & Wickham, P.C., L.L.O. (Appellees in both cases)

Civil: declaratory judgment

David Fiala, Ltd. v. Harrison

S-14-0178, David Fiala LTD, d/b/a FuturesOne v. Ian Harrison, William Gross (Appellant), Dan Cowger, and Jeff Peterson

Lancaster County, Judge Paul D. Merritt, Jr.

Attorneys: Kevin R. McManaman & Charles E. Wilbrand (Knudsen, Berkheimer, Richardson & Endacott, LLP) — Robert B. Seybert (Baylor, Evnen, Curtiss, Grimit & Witt, LLP)

Civil: Breach of contract - denial of motion to compel arbitration

Schwarz v. Schwarz

S-14-0122, Paul M. Schwarz (Appellant) v. Kristi L. Schwarz (Hendrickson)

Dawson County District Court, Judge Donald E. Rowlands

Attorneys: Derek L. Mitchell (Appellant)--Bradley D. Holbrook (Appellee)

Civil: Child Support

Proceedings Below: District court increased the child support paid by appellee.

Issues: Did the district court err by allowing the appellee (1) a deduction for her obligations to a subsequent child; and (2) a credit for health insurance premiums?



In re Estate of Dexter

S-14-0163, In re Estate of Dexter

Dawes County Court, Judge Randin R. Roland

Attorneys: Dennis D. King (Appellant)—Joe W. Stecher (Appellees)

Civil: Probate

Proceedings Below: The county court issued an order granting the appellees’ petition for exempt property and denying their statements of claims for services rendered as special administrators.

Hodson v. Taylor (***)

S-13-1131, Cole Hodson v. Bradley Taylor, Laura Taylor, Whitney Taylor, Ronald D. Willers, Marilyn M. Willers, and Willers Cove Owners Association

Washington County, Hon. James G. Kube

Civil:     Recreational Liability Act

Attorneys: Terry Sibberson, Andrew Sibberson (Sibberson, Strigenz & Sibberson, Omaha), Jeffrey Farnham, Andrew Simpson (Farnham & Simpson, Omaha); David Woodke, Earl Green (Woodtke & Gibbons, Omaha)

Balames v. Ginn (15)

S-13-1087, Thomas Balames, individually and as attorney in fact for Richard J. Kostyra et al. v. Robert V. Ginn and Brashear L.L.P., f/k/a Brashear and Ginn (Appellants)

Douglas County, Judge James T. Gleason

Attorneys: Mark C. Laughlin & Patrick S. Cooper (Fraser Stryker PC LLO)  —  Steven E. Achelpohl (Gross & Welch, PC LLO), Lawrence J. Acker (Lawrence J. Acker, PC), and Jay Ferguson

Civil: Legal malpractice

Rafert v. Meyer

S-14-0003, Jlee Rafert, Loraine L. Smith, Jean K. Regier, Katherine A .Micek and Peggy J. Johnson (Appellants) v. Robert J. Meyer, Douglas E. Merz, and Weaver and Merz Law

Richardson County, Judge Daniel E. Bryan

Attorneys: Gary J. Nedved, Joel Bacon (Keating O’Gara Nedved & Peter PCLLO) ---Mark C. Laughlin, Jacqueline M. DeLuca (Fraser Stryker PCLLO) (for Robert J. Meyer)

Civil: Action for breach of trust.