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In re Interest of Kodi L.

S-13-0242, In re Interest of Kodi L.

Madison County, Judge Ross Stoffer

Attorneys: Joel E. Carlson (Appellant Michael L.) --- Gail E. Collins (County Attorney’s Office) --- Bradley C. Easland (GAL)

Civil: Dismissal

Proceedings below: The GAL filed a motion to exclude Appellant from the case. The county court granted the motion and dismissed Appellant from the case.

Issues: The juvenile court erred in excluding Appellant as a party to the proceedings.

Harold Warp Pioneer Village Foundation v. Ewald

S-13-0129 and 13-0165, Harold Warp Pioneer Village Foundation (Appellant) v. Doug Ewald, Tax Commissioner, Ruth Sorenson, Property Tax Administrator (Appellees) and Kearney County Board of Equalization

(Consolidated appeals)

Tax Equalization and Review Commission

Attorneys: Daniel L Ashwege (Knapp Fangmeyer Aschwege Besse & Marsh) (Appellant) --- Jonathan D. Cannon, Special Assistant Attorney General (Appellees)

Civil: Exemption of property

Doe v. Fireman's Fund Insurance Company

S-13-0075, Jane Doe (Appellant) v. Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company (Appellee)

Red Willow County, Judge David W. Urbom.

Attorneys:       Vincent M. Powers (Appellant) --- Patrick Q. Hustead & Christopher J. Shannon (Appellee) (The Hustead Law Firm) & Stephen L. Ahl (Appellee) (Wolfe, Snowden, Hurd, Luers, & Ahl).

Civil:   Insurance (duty to defend, duty of good faith and fair dealing) and Bankruptcy (violation of automatic stay).

State v. Taylor (PFR)

A-12-0241, State v. Robert C. Taylor (Appellant)

Lancaster County, Judge Robert E. Otte

Attorneys: Robb N. Gage (Appellant) ---Nathan Liss (Attorney General’s Office)

Criminal: Plea; DUI, 4th Offense

State ex rel. Counsel/Discipline v. Tonderum

S-13-0083, State of Nebraska ex rel. Counsel for Discipline of the Nebraska Supreme Court (Relator) v. Donna J. Tonderum (Respondent)

Original Proceeding

Attorneys: Kent L. Frobish (Assistant Counsel for Discipline) ---no brief filed by Respondent

Civil: Attorney Discipline Action

Proceedings below: Respondent did not file an answer to the Formal Charges. Upon the relator’s motion for judgment on the pleadings, the Court sustained the motion as to the facts and directed briefing on the issue of discipline.

State v. Pratt (PFR)

S-11-0760, State v. Juneal Dale Pratt (Appellant)

Douglas County, Judge W. Russell Bowie

Attorneys: Tracy L. Hightower-Henne (Hightower Law LLC) (Appellant)--- James D. Smith (Attorney General’s Office) --- Amy Miller (Amicus Curiae American Civil Liberties Union Foundation of Nebraska)

Civil: Request for DNA Testing

State v. Mortensen (PFR)

S-12-0454, State v. Randy L. Mortensen (Appellant)

Butler County, Judge Mary C. Gilbride

Attorneys: Stacy M. Foust (Attorney General’s Office) --- Robert J. Bierbower (for Appellant)

Criminal: Motion for Discharge

In re Interest of Violet T.

S-13-0084, In re Interest of Violet T.

Separate Juvenile Court for Douglas County, Judge Douglas F. Johnson

Attorneys: Debra Tighe-Dolan (County Attorney’s Office) (Appellant) --- Kate E. Placzek (for Appellee natural mother Abigail T.)

Civil: Dismissal of petition for lack of subject matter jurisdiction

Proceedings below: The trial court found because the child lived in Iowa, it did not have jurisdiction over the child and dismissed the State’s petition.