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II. Administrative Office of the Courts and Probation Electronic Communications Equipment Policy

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A. Authority

This Policy is issued by the State Court Administrator under authority authorized by the Nebraska Supreme Court.

B. Policy

The Electronic Communications Equipment Policy (ECEP) encourages employees to use electronic communications equipment services and facilities for efficiency, conducting official Administrative Office of the Courts/Probation (Judicial Branch) business. There may be many work-related situations that require an employee’s offsite use of electronic resources, such as issues that require immediate attention, prolonged discussions, or working from home during non-business hours. Some AOC/AOP business needs require an employee to be accessible at all times by electronic means, including cellular phones, computers, and other electronic communication devices. Electronic resources provided by the AOC/AOP, however, shall be used primarily for business-related purposes and any personal use of such resources must satisfy the conditions set forth in section III.B of this Policy.

C. Approval of Transactions

The State Court Administrator, or his or her designee, has the authority to approve the purchase or lease of electronic communications devices, and the accompanying services under which the AOC/AOP is the official “customer” to be billed.  All purchases/leases of this type of equipment/services will be made through the Nebraska State Office of the Chief Information Officer, (OCIO) Network Services Division and /or the AOC Information Technology division.

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