A. Nongrievable Issues

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A. Nongrievable Issues

   The Supreme Court Personnel Board has final authority to determine whether or not an issue is grievable and may elect to hear any issue at its discretion. Issues determined to be nongrievable are subject to summary dismissal by the board.

   The following issues, when done in compliance with established law, rule or policy, are examples of nongrievable matters. The list below is not to be considered all inclusive:

   1. performance evaluations;

   2. appointments and hiring selections, including promotions to positions;

   3. involuntary transfers with no salary reduction or relocation required; 

   4. leave of absence and catastrophic illness donation porgram decisions;                 

   5. position classifications;

   6. salary allocations;

   7. layoffs or reduction in hours due to elimination or reduction of funds, reduction in the workload, and/or reorganization; and

   8. payment of moving expenses.

Amended 7-9-15.