F. Civil Leave

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F. Civil Leave

   When an employee is called to serve as a juror or is appointed as a clerk or judge on an election or counting board, the employee is entitled to any fees received as a result of this service in addition to receiving paid civil leave. Employees will return to work when not actually serving as a juror on a daily basis.

   If any employee does not have sufficient time before or after regular duty hours to vote, up to 2 hours of civil leave may be granted.

   Time spent by employees appearing in court as a function of their job shall be considered as hours worked.  Any witness fees and reimbursements received as a result of those court appearances shall be returned to the State.

   Employees attending court as a plaintiff, defendant, or witness on non work-related matters may use vacation leave or earned compensatory time, or the Administrative Office may grant a leave of absence. Any witness fees paid to the employee for these court appearances shall be kept by the employee.

   Employees who provide proof of their disaster relief volunteer certification with the American Red Cross may, with appropriate supervisory authorization, be granted paid civil leave not to exceed 15 working days in each calendar year to participate in specialized disaster relief services in Nebraska for the American Red Cross, upon the request of the American Red Cross.

Amended 7-16-03; amended 7-9-15.