C. The Supreme Court Personnel Board

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C. The Supreme Court Personnel Board

   The members of the Supreme Court Personnel Board shall be appointed by the State Court Administrator and serve 3-year terms. The Board shall be composed of one county or district judge, one chief probation officer, and one clerk magistrate.  The judge member of the Board shall be the chairperson and shall preside over hearings.

   A listing of the current Board members' names and addresses shall be available in the Administrative Office.

   The authority of the Supreme Court Personnel Board is to determine if any decision regarding a grievance made by the State Court Administrator, State Probation Administrator, or an administrative employee delegated to respond to a grievance was made in good faith and for cause and to ensure that the actions were in reasonable compliance with the Nebraska Supreme Court Personnel Policies and Procedures or relevant state statutes. Decisions made by the Board are final and binding on all parties involved.

   A Supreme Court Personnel Board member shall excuse himself or herself in decisions where his or her impartiality might reasonably be questioned, including, but not limited to, instances where the Board member has been a participating party in the grieved action.  In the event that a member is excused, the State Court Administrator or State Probation Administrator shall appoint a temporary Board member to serve until a decision is made regarding the grievance.

   The Supreme Court Personnel Board has final authority to determine whether or not an issue is grievable and may elect to hear any issue at its discretion. Issues determined to be nongrievable are subject to summary dismissal.