B. Administration

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B. Administration

   After completion of the written report, it is recommended that the report be reviewed by the evaluator's supervisor(s) prior to discussion with the employee. 

   Performance reports shall then be discussed with the employee, who shall have the right to add his/her comments. These comments shall be submitted within 30 calendar days of the date of the report. The signing of the performance report form of the employee does not signify the employee's agreement with the content, but only that he/she has seen the performance report, that it has been discussed with the employee, and that the employee has been given an opportunity to comment. The evaluator should sign and date the performance report.  If the employee refuses to sign, the supervisor and a witness shall document the employee's refusal on the employee's performance report.    

   Each employee shall receive a copy of his/her performance report. A copy of each performance report shall be included in the employee's personnel file and a copy sent to the Administrative Office.

Amended 9-17-03.