Probation, Parole, and Community Supervision Week has been Proclaimed for the Week of July 16-22, 2017

Probation, Parole, and Community Supervision Week has been Proclaimed for the Week of July 16-22, 2017

Thursday, July 20, 2017

This is a time to recognize and celebrate all of the dedicated probation employees who work tirelessly to make neighborhoods safe places to live and raise families. Probation officers are on duty each and every day to assist juveniles and adults to become better citizens with productive lives. Here’s a list of 10 ways Probation is valuable to our state:

  1. Committed to promoting services and programs that meet the needs and interests of crime victims and the community.
  2. Promotes an integrated, comprehensive approach to dealing with the pervasive problem of substance abuse.
  3. Affords access to services and programs that offer opportunities for those supervised to become law-abiding citizens.
  4. Offers choices and enforces consequences for those under supervision.
  5. Delivers comprehensive, quality information to Nebraska’s Courts.
  6. Promotes community protection through proactive, problem-solving programs and practices, in addition to interventions aimed at changing criminal and/or delinquent behavior.
  7. Provides dedicated, hard-working individuals who are truly concerned about making a difference in the community where they live.
  8. Provides core services across the state, such as investigations, victim advocacy, community supervision, access to treatment services, and immediate response to violations; all which provide optimum public protection.
  9. Affords citizens 24/7 access to Probation staff.
  10. Supervises nearly 18,000 adults and nearly 5,000 juveniles in our communities. Imagine what it would be like without them!

Nebraska Probation Staff, I salute you.  Your commitment and contribution each and every day interrupts the cycle of crime and reduces the costly toll law violating behavior places on not only the victims of crime, but also those who, without your intervention and supervision, cannot escape it.

Let me take this opportunity to express my gratitude and appreciation, and congratulate our officers and our entire staff for their hard work and perseverance.  The staff of the Nebraska Probation System represents dedication to mission and commitment to excellence.



Ellen Fabian Brokofsky