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Reentry is a process that intentionally prepares youth and families for return from Youth Rehabilitation and Treatment Centers and any other out-of-home placement back to their communities.  Activities and communications prior to discharge strengthen the connection between the youth in placement with their family, home, and community.

Key Features of Reentry

  • Evidence-based and research driven
  • Balanced approach between services provided and supervision of the youth
  • Reentry officers are highly qualified, trained and experienced
  • Reentry works within a highly developed case management framework
  • Emphasizes community supports and multi-agency collaboration
  • Family focused and youth driven

The time period when a youth returns to their communities or leaves placement is a time of increased risk, yet this also represents a great opportunity to work with families, informal supports, community partners and organizations for the benefit of the youth and their futures.

For additional information contact:

Julie Smith
Reentry Specialist
521 South 14th
Lincoln, NE  68508
Phone: 402-471-4187