Probation has developed the Rural Improvement for Schooling and Employment (RISE) Program, by joining with AmeriCorps to improve the success of youth on probation.

Program Goal

The RISE program will reduce recidivism through improving school engagement for youth on probation across all 12 judicial districts of Nebraska.

Grant Summary

The Rural Improvement for Schooling and Employment (RISE) program was developed for the larger areas of rural Nebraska that have not received the supportive services that urban areas have. Since implementation it has expanded to cover all probation districts throughout the entire rural state of Nebraska. The goal of the RISE program is to reduce recidivism through improving education and employment opportunities for youth on probation in rural areas of Nebraska.

The grant allows probation to place AmeriCorps members in the 12 judicial districts across Nebraska. Each member is directly supervised by the Chief or designee. The Chief or designee introduces the member to probation policies, procedures, and give an overview of AmeriCorps rules and the RISE program. The Program Leader in the Administrative Office of Probation is available to give support to members and ensures the program is in compliance with AmeriCorps set expectations and rules.

AmeriCorps members are specifically responsible for organizing and facilitating a skill-based curriculum, focused on education, for youth on probation. The educational skills include test taking strategies, positive study habits, and motivational skills. Included in the curriculum are also topics on how to apply for financial aid, build a resume, and enhance interviewing skills. 

The members also network with schools and the local community to assist them with group development. Members invite local speakers to the groups to discuss post-high school opportunities. This includes military representatives, local college representatives, and information on trade schools. Members also educate the youth on potential job opportunities in their community. Finally, the members collaborate with the probation officers regarding youth compliance and group progress.

The goal of the program is to see an increase in youth success by not returning to probation within one year of completing RISE. The program is intended to help the youth value their education and give them life-long opportunities.


For additional information contact:

Carra Thompson
Programs and Services Officer- RISE
521 S 14th St.
Lincoln, NE  68508
Phone:  402-471-3338