Bring Up Nebraska Webinar

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Bring Up Nebraska Webinar

Friday, April 19, 2019 - 12:30am to 1:30pm

Presented by Jenny Skala, Nebraska First Lady Susanne Shore and local community leaders

View the recorded webinar here;


Family First Prevention Services Act is historic legislation that will dramatically change the landscape of Nebraska’s child welfare system. Focused on providing support to families at risk of having their children enter the foster care system, Family First provides states the ability to fund prevention services to keep the family intact. Fortunately for us, Nebraska has a home-grown model focused on prevention - Bring Up Nebraska.

Nebraska Children and Families Foundation, together with state and national partners, support Bring Up Nebraska, a statewide effort to develop community collaboratives that create a prevention system to assist friends, neighbors, and coworkers in their hometown. Complex issues need collaborative solutions. Bring Up Nebraska partners are working to keep children safe while preventing life’s challenges from becoming a crisis for families. With Bring Up Nebraska, we believe local communities are best positioned and most motivated to understand their own needs and strengths in identifying solutions. This community-owned prevention work is being recognized nationally and being used as a model for other states.

Bring Up Nebraska is shining a light on and bringing focus to community-based prevention; however, this model has been functioning in some Nebraska communities for several years. Since implementation of these prevention systems, we’ve seen third grade reading scores increase from 67.5% in 2010 to 84% in 2016. Juvenile arrests decreased by more than one third, from 15,194 arrests in 2009 to 9,463 in 2016. Most importantly, the number of substantiated cases of child abuse has dropped from 3,520 cases in 2009 to 2,174 cases in 2016.

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