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Preserving Cultural Connections for Transcultural and Transracial Families

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Preserving Cultural Connections for Transcultural and Transracial Families

Tuesday, December 12, 2017 - 11:30am to 1:00pm

Nebraska Children's Home Society,  4700 Valley Road, Lincoln, NE 68510

Culture connects us to people who share in our values, beliefs and ideas. Often our culture determines how we process feelings, celebrate, eat, mourn, communicate and parent our children. Adoptive parents often build their families with children who are of a different race or ethnicity and who may share in or celebrate another culture. Intertwining a child's culture and racial identity into their home is an essential step to creating a sense of belonging and positive self image. When children are able to see parts of themselves in their surroundings they can begin to feel like they belong. This training is in interactive training for parents who are parenting children of another culture or race. The training will focus on understanding the impact of race and culture as a tool to ensuring children feel a sense of belonging, challenges parents may have in understanding culture and incorporating a child's culture into their home, and developing strategies to assist parents in overcoming these challenge.

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