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Webinar: Orientation Cluster-Based Planning Training

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Webinar: Orientation Cluster-Based Planning Training

Tuesday, February 20, 2018 - 2:00pm to 4:30pm

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Cluster-Based Planning (CBP™) is a systematic process, developed by Synthesis, Inc., that facilitates clinical practice, treatment planning, system development and outcomes-based management of services. CBP assumes that large groups of consumers, such as youth with behavioral health, substance abuse, and other related problems, should not be served as if each youth were part of a single homogeneous group. Instead these larger groups are comprised of distinct, natural subgroups, or Clusters.

A Cluster Is A Subgroup Of A Population In Need That Shares Common Strengths, Problems, Treatment Histories, Social Or Environmental Contexts, and/or Life Situations.

Past experience and continuing research is demonstrating that members of different clusters often require different types and intensities of services or treatment approaches. In addition, these varied approaches will be directed at different short-term outcomes or treatment goals. Even when members of different clusters work toward the same longer-term goals, they face different challenges and often require different types and amounts of resources to meet their goals.

• Provide Background On Cluster-Based Planning
• Describe How Clusters of Youth Were Identified
• Review Briefly the 10 Clusters of Youth
• Briefly Identify What Clusters of Adults Have Been Identified
• Describe How Youth Clusters Have Been Used To:
          - Assess Outcomes Performance (CAFAS, Protective Factors, and Ohio Scales)
          - Build a Cluster-based System of Care
• Describe The Region V Professional Partner Cluster-based Wraparound Level of Care Project (a CQI initiative)
• Discuss Sub-population Management Using Clusters of Youth
• Imagine The Future and Next Step