When a child enters the foster care system, a parent is often frustrated and confused by the process.  Court proceedings can seem labryintine to a parent and they may not encourage their active engagement.  Many teams have addressed this issue by making court processes more engaging and conducive to parents, whether by implementing Pre-Hearing Conferences or creating a first hearing guide.

The Through the Eyes of the Child Initiative has also produced materials to help parents understand the court system.


What happens after my child is removed from my home?  When should I appear for scheduled hearings? Answers to these questions and more can be found in this guide book for parents

Available in English and Spanish. To order hard copies, go to Publication Page. 

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A guide for Parents of Young Children Entering the Nebraska Child Welfare Court System is a 13 minute video intended for parents whose young children have recently become involved in the child welfare court system and is narrated by a parent formerly involved in the child welfare court system, a foster parent, a juvenile judge and child psychologist.  

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