On-call Interpreters

On-call Interpreters

Instructions for LanguageLine are available on the court intranet site after log in.  Courts and Probation offices should use LanguageLine telephone interpreting service for immediate interpreter services for limited, relatively short term use, not for evidentiary hearings.  The LanguageLine service is available around the clock every day and can provide interpreters in most languages on demand.   Our goal is to serve Courts and Probation offices across the state at all hours of each day in an efficient and economical manner.

Courts and Probation offices that require an interpreter for an evidentiary hearing, an extended interview or court proceeding, probation service, or a trial, please submit an interpreter request including the Court or Probation Office where service is required, language needed, individual requiring interpreter services, case number, type of proceeding (hearing, PSI, trial, sentencing) and date, time and expected duration of proceeding to your local interpreter coordinator or email it to NSC Interpreters.  Users in District 2 should submit their request to Olivia Brockman and users in Districts 9 and 10 should submit their request to Vladimir Bazan.  Requests should be submitted as soon as the Court or Probation office becomes aware of the need for an interpreter. 

Individuals who need an interpreter for a court appearance or probation appointment should notify the court or probation office of that need, and the court or probation office will use LanguageLine or request assignment of an interpreter.

Please be mindful that if a court interpreter has an assignment which is canceled within 2 business days of the time the assignment is due to begin, the court shall, by written authorization, allow the interpreter payment for all the reserved time.

Please contact Jennifer Verhein, Director of Language Access, with questions regarding On-Call Interpreter services, 402-471-8854.