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Oral Arguments are uploaded to this Web site within 24-hours of the close of arguments for the day. Video is uploaded for the full session (click to the right of the date), audio is available for each case (click to right of case title), case summaries (descriptions) are linked to each title.
Tuesday, April 2, 2013
Video Arguments
  • S-12-0525
State v. Dixon
Lancaster Listen
  • S-12-0749
Cartwright v. State
Lancaster Listen
  • S-12-0757
Gillespie v. Gillespie
Madison Listen
  • S-12-0821
Fox v. Whitbeck
Douglas Listen
Wednesday, April 3, 2013
Video Arguments
  • S-12-0399
State v. Sikes
Hall Listen
  • S-12-1007
Beveridge v. Savage
Cass Listen
  • S-12-0385
City of Papillion v. Pinnacle Enterprises, Inc.
Sarpy Listen
Thursday, April 4, 2013
Video Arguments
  • S-12-0753
State v. Ash (20)
  • S-12-0580
State v. Osorio
  • S-12-0794
Caniglia v. Caniglia
Tuesday, April 30, 2013
Video Arguments
  • S-12-0810
Hynes v. Good Samaritan Hospital
Douglas Listen
  • S-12-0755
State v. Vanderpool
Douglas Listen
  • S-12-0346
  • S-12-0347
Reynolds v. Keith County Board of Equalization (PFR)
Douglas Listen
  • S-11-0515
State v. White (PFR)
Sarpy Listen
  • S-12-0286
State v. Sherrod
Douglas Listen