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Oral Arguments are uploaded to this Web site within 24-hours of the close of arguments for the day. Video is uploaded for the full session (click to the right of the date), audio is available for each case (click to right of case title), case summaries (descriptions) are linked to each title.
Wednesday, May 1, 2013
Video Arguments
  • S-12-0931
State v. Marks
Douglas Listen
  • S-12-0966
State v. Smith
Douglas Listen
  • S-12-1049
Fitzgerald v. Fitzgerald
Thayer Listen
  • S-12-0867
State v. Voter
Platte Listen
  • S-12-0812
Micheal E. obo Avalyn J. v. Health and Human Services
Douglas Listen
Thursday, May 2, 2013
Video Arguments
  • S-11-1109
Braunger Foods, LLC v. Sears (PFR)
Dakota Listen
  • S-12-1022
Centurion Stone of Nebraska v. Whelan
Douglas Listen
  • S-12-0056
State v. Floyd
Douglas Listen
  • S-12-1021
State v. Phelps
Madison Listen
Friday, May 3, 2013
Video Arguments
  • S-12-0941
State v. Pangborn
Gage Listen
  • S-12-0623
Krings v. Garfield County Board of Equalization
Douglas Listen
  • S-12-0808
State v. Schanaman
Kimball Listen
  • S-12-1010
State v. Branch
Douglas Listen
  • S-12-0866
Vlach v. Vlach
Dodge Listen
Tuesday, May 28, 2013
Video Arguments
  • S-12-0777
State v. Edwards
Keith Listen
  • S-12-0893
State v. Abdulkadir (20)
Lancaster Listen
  • S-12-0444
State v. Valverde
Sarpy Listen
  • 12-0335
Heckman v. Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway Company
  • S-12-1219)
  • S-12-1220)
State v. House
Lancaster Listen
Wednesday, May 29, 2013
Video Arguments
  • S-12-0434
State v. Taylor (20)
Douglas Listen
  • S-12-1006
State v. Keyser
Buffalo Listen
  • S-12-0957
State v. Moore
Douglas Listen
  • S-12-0112
State v. Osborne (PFR)
Saunders Listen
Thursday, May 30, 2013
Video Arguments
  • S-12-1047
State v. Leibel
Lancaster Listen
  • S-12-1166
In re Application A-18503, Water Division 2-C, Bond v. NRD
Douglas Listen
  • S-12-1155
Shada v. Farmers Insurance Group
Douglas Listen
  • S-12-0126
State v. Trice (20)
Madison Listen