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Below will be found a list of cases which will be called for hearing at the Supreme Court session commencing March 3, 2015.

            When placed upon the final call, cases will not be continued except on motion and for urgent necessity shown.

            Unless otherwise indicated, the time allotted for the presentation of arguments is limited to 10 minutes per side.  This is a maximum allowance and counsel are not required to use the full time allotted.

            During oral argument, when the timing light changes from green to amber, this means you are into your rebuttal time, which is 2 minutes, unless you have reserved a greater or lesser time.  However, whatever rebuttal time you have asked to be reserved, your only notification will be the amber light.  If you choose to continue arguing after the amber light, and the red light appears, you are completely out of time and have waived rebuttal.


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Tuesday, March 3, 2015 | Lincoln | subject to call at
  • S-14-0693
Wilczewski v. Charter West National Bank
  • S-14-0582
McGill v. Lion Place Condominium Association
  • S-14-0317
Kalkowski v. Nebraska National Trails Museum
  • S-14-0338
State v. Crawford
  • S-14-0339
State v. Armstrong
  • S-14-0297
State v. Huggins
Wednesday, March 4, 2015 | Lincoln | subject to call at
  • S-14-0538
Marshall v. Winterer
  • S-14-0508
State v. Davis (20)
  • S-14-0506
State v. Perry
  • S-14-0413
Kimminau v. City of Hastings (20)
  • S-14-0484)
  • S-14-0485)
  • S-14-0486)
  • S-14-0487)
  • S-14-0488)
  • S-14-0489)
In re Interest of Octavio B.
In re Interest of Cristalyla C.
In re Interest of Gabriel B.
In re Interest of Blanca M.
In re Interest of Nathaniel M.
In re Interest of Angel M.
Scotts Bluff
Thursday, March 5, 2015 | Lincoln | subject to call at
  • S-14-0101
State v. Johnson (20)
  • S-14-0550)
  • S-14-0564)
In re Interest of Zanaya W.
In re Interest of Jahon S.
  • S-14-0294
Ryder v. Ryder
  • S-14-0701
Colfax County Board of Equalization v. Cargill Meat Solutions Corp.
  • S-12-0275
State ex rel. Counsel/Discipline v. Walz
Original Action
  • S-14-0542
Schaffer v. Cass County
Friday, March 6, 2015 | Lincoln | subject to call at
  • S-14-0623
Neun v. Ewing
  • S-13-0775
Johnson v. Johnson (PFR)
  • S-14-0563
Kasel v. Oak Tree Inn
Scotts Bluff
  • S-14-0262
O'Neal v. State
  • S-14-0553
Bauermeister v. Waste Management of Nebraska