Small Claims Mediation Celebrates Twenty Years Serving Nebraska’s Courts

Small Claims Mediation Celebrates Twenty Years Serving Nebraska’s Courts

Thursday, June 22, 2017

The six Office of Dispute Resolution-approved mediation centers have been providing small claims mediation for over two decades. Recently, The Mediation Center-Lincoln celebrated the efforts of small claims mediation for Lancaster County Courts. Its program began in 1996 and is the oldest, continuous program at The Mediation Center. A total of 2,328 small claims cases have been mediated for Lancaster County as of June 1, 2017. Small claims mediation is provided to county courts at no cost to the court or the parties. It is a “mission rich” program, fulfilling the mediation centers’ mission of being a place where citizens from all walks of life can find professional mediation assistance to resolve disputes and disagreements.

Volunteer affiliated mediators give their time to the courts and the public by taking time off of work to meet with parties on the day of the small claims court hearing. County judges who use small claims mediation see a decrease in courtroom time and increase in satisfied clients. Volunteer mediators and The Mediation Center’s small claims mediator coordinator Mary Bruning were honored at the Center’s June 14, 2017, Annual Meeting for their contributions.

Contact: Debora Denny, J.D. Denny,
Office of Dispute Resolution, Nebraska State Court Administrator's Office

Photo:  Top: Lancaster County Small Claims Mediator Coordinator Mary Bruning, with The Mediation Center | Bottom: Casey Karges, Director, The Mediation Center lauds small claims mediator volunteers