State v. Lessley

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State v. Lessley

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November 1, 2018
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S-18-0096 State v. Tyeric L. Lessley (Appellant)

Douglas County District Court, Judge Marlon A. Polk

Attorneys: Stacy M. Foust (Attorney General’s Office) --- Thomas C. Riley, Matthew J. Miller & Natalie M. Andrews (Public Defender’s Office) (Appellant)

Criminal: First degree murder; use of a deadly weapon to commit a felony, two counts; first degree assault; possession of weapon by a prohibited person

Proceedings below: Following a jury trial, Appellant was convicted on all counts.

Issues: 1) The evidence presented at trial lacks the probative value to sustain guilty verdicts because no rational trier of fact could find the Appellant guilty of crimes charged beyond a reasonable doubt, and 2) the court committed reversible error in failing to instruct the jury on the lesser-included offense of manslaughter.