State v. Starks

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State v. Starks

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Case Number
Call Date
February 5, 2021
Case Time
9:00 AM
Court Number
Case Location
Court Type
District Court
Case Summary

S-20-0585, S-20-0586, and S-20-0587 State of Nebraska v. Gary Starks (Appellant)

District Court for Douglas County, Hon. James T. Gleason

Attorneys:  Ann O. Peterson (Douglas County Public Defender’s Office, for Appellant) and Siobhan E. Duffy (Office of the Attorney General, for Appellee)

Criminal:   Shoplifting; Probation violation; Sentencing

Proceedings below:     The district court sentenced Appellant on plea-based convictions in three separate dockets.

Issues on Appeal: Whether the district court imposed an excessive sentence; and whether the district court erred when it sentenced Appellant to determinate sentences for Class IV felonies in two dockets when in a third docket the court sentenced Starks for a Class IIA felony and ordered the sentence for the Class IIA felony to be served consecutive to a determinate sentence for a Class IV felony in the same case and consecutive to the sentences for the Class IV felonies in the two other dockets.

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