State v. Woldt (PFR)

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State v. Woldt (PFR)

Case Number
Call Date
March 2, 2016
Court Number
Case Summary

S-14-0573 State v. Adam T. Woldt (Appellant)

Cuming County District Court, Judge James G. Kube

Attorneys: Thomas B. Donner (Appellant) --- Austin N. Relph (Attorney General's Office

Criminal: DUI; motion to suppress

Proceedings below: Following a bench trial in county court, Appellant was found guilty and was sentenced to a term of probation, a $500 fine, and his license was revoked for a period of six months. The district court affirmed on appeal. Appellee State of Nebraska filed a Petition for Further Review which was granted by the Nebraska Supreme Court.

Issues: The district court erred in A) affirming the decision of the county court in 1) overruling Appellant's motion to suppress, 2) admitting evidence obtained after the stop of Appellant's vehicle, and 3) finding that there was sufficient evidence to convict Appellant, and B) applying the standard of review.