Stevens v. Stevens

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Stevens v. Stevens

Case Number
Call Date
January 6, 2016
Court Number
Case Summary

S-15-219, Kimberly L. Stevens, n/k/a Kimberly L. Moore [appellant] v. Michael W. Stevens, State of Nebraska [intervenor]

Sarpy County, Honorable David Arterburn

Attorneys: Phillip G. Wright for appellant; Kevin F. Duffy (Deputy Sarpy County Attorney) and Andrew T. Erickson, (Sr. Certified law student) for intervenor. No brief filed for Michael Stevens.

Civil: Action to modify child support

Proceedings below: District court retroactively modified father's child support obligation

Issues: Did the district court err in 1) finding it had jurisdiction to modify child support, 2) calculating the amount of child support owed, 3) finding there was sufficient evidence to show a material change in circumstances, 4) retroactively waiving a child support arrearage, 5) delegating judicial authority to the child support referee, or 6) crediting the father with social security benefits that may become due.