Streck, Inc. v. The Ryan Family, L.L.C.

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Streck, Inc. v. The Ryan Family, L.L.C.

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March 1, 2017
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Date: Wednesday, March 1, 2017
Case Audio: File sc_20170301_16-0664__all-chs.wav
S-16-0664, Streck, Inc. v. The Ryan Family, LLC and Stacy Ryan (Appellant/Intervenor)

Sarpy County District Court, Judge William B. Zastera

Attorneys: Paul D. Heimann, Bonnie M. Boryca, and Karen M. Keeler (Erickson & Sederstrom, P.C.) for Appellant/Intervenor ' Victoria H. Buter and Thomas H. Dahlk (Kutak Rock LLP) and Ronald E. Reagan (Reagan, Melton & Delaney, LLP) for Appellee, Streck, Inc. ' John D. Stalnaker and Aimee K. Cizek (Stalnaker, Becker & Buresh, P.C.) and Lawrence E. Welch, Jr., (Welch Law Firm, P.C.) for Appellee, The Ryan Family, L.L.C.

Civil: Denial of Intervention

Proceedings Below: District court denied motion for order permitting intervention, dismiss complaint in intervention, and denied Intervenor's motion for continuance of motion for summary judgment.

Issues: Whether the district court erred in: (1) disallowing the 'Complaint in Intervention; (2) denying the motion for an order permitting the 'Complaint in Intervention;' denying the request in that motion to allow and order that Appellant/Intervenor be provided access to discovery conducted in the matter; and denying the request in same motion to permit Appellant/Intervenor to conduct discovery and fully participate in the proceedings; and (3) failing to continue the hearing on Streck, Inc.'s motion for summary judgment or to re-open the summary judgment record to allow Appellant/Intervenor an opportunity to conduct necessary discovery and to participate in the summary judgment proceedings.