Supreme Court Call Header

Oral arguments before Nebraska’s Appellate Courts can be viewed live from Nebraska Public Media’s Live & On Demand: State Government website.

Below is a list of cases which will be called for hearing at the Supreme Court session commencing January 10, 2023. The case summaries linked to each case are provided to the public by the Clerk of the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals and are for informational purposes only; nothing is to be construed as a factual finding or legal conclusion of the court.

When placed upon the final call, cases will not be continued except on motion and for urgent necessity shown.

Unless otherwise indicated, the time allotted for the presentation of arguments is limited to 10 minutes per side. This is a maximum allowance and counsel are not required to use the full time allotted.

During oral argument, when the timing light changes from green to amber, this means you are into your rebuttal time, which is 2 minutes, unless you have reserved a greater or lesser time.  However, whatever rebuttal time you have asked to be reserved, your only notification will be the amber light.  If you choose to continue arguing after the amber light, and the red light appears, you are completely out of time and and have waived rebuttal.

Prior to attending oral argument, parties are required to review the administrative order issued by the Chief Justice on August 9, 2021.  Said administrative order can be found here.

Each case is subject to call for argument at 9:00am on its scheduled day.  Accordingly, attorneys and pro se parties appearing for argument must sign in at the Clerk’s Office no later than 8:45am on their scheduled day.