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§ 1-214. Leave applicable to official court reporters.

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   All leave, including holiday leave, vacation leave, sick leave, funeral leave, family leave, military leave, civil leave, injury leave, and workers' compensation disability leave, shall be taken as provided in the authorized leave policies of the Nebraska Supreme Court Personnel Policies & Procedures. Provided, however, that an official court reporter shall take vacation at the same time as or at the discretion of the appointing judge. If the reporter is permitted to take vacation at a time other than when the appointing judge takes vacation and the services of a substitute reporter are required by such judge, it shall be the obligation of the official court reporter taking vacation to arrange for the services of a substitute reporter at no cost to the State, unless otherwise determined by the State Court Administrator. The substitute reporter must have passed an examination at least as stringent as that described in § 1-204(B). The arrangement may not be implemented unless first approved by the State Court Administrator.

§ 1-213 renumbered to § 1-214 and amended June 9, 2010.

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