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§ 1-304. Authorized court personnel.

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   For purposes of this rule governing the use of digital signatures, authorized court personnel shall be defined as, and limited to, the following persons only:

   (A) Chief Justice and judges of the Nebraska Supreme Court,

   (B) judges of the Nebraska Court of Appeals,

   (C) district court judges,

   (D) separate juvenile court judges,

   (E) county court judges,

   (F) workers’ compensation court judges,

   (G) clerk of the Nebraska Supreme Court and Court of Appeals,

   (H) clerks of the district court,

   (I) clerk magistrates,

   (J) clerk of the workers’ compensation court, and

   (K) judicial administrators.

§ 1-304 amended February 2, 2012.

This page was last modified on Thursday, August 30, 2012