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§ 1-503. Required continuing judicial branch education.

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   (A) Subject to § 1-503(C) and (D), all judges of the State of Nebraska, including judges of the Workers' Compensation Court, shall earn a minimum of 10 judicial branch education credits in each annual reporting period. Judges’ education must include five hours of education each year in a live setting, with faculty in the room, as long as Judicial Branch Education resources are sufficient to provide live educational programming. The balance of the annual hours may be obtained through qualifying distance learning. Clerk magistrates, probation officers, and official court reporters shall earn a minimum of eight judicial branch education credits in each annual reporting period.  All other judicial branch employees shall attend judicial branch education programs as directed by the Supreme Court or the Committee. The Administrative Office of the Courts and Probation may require employees to attend educational programs in excess of the hours established above.

   (B) Judicial branch education credits for each employee shall be reported to the Director in such form and manner as the Committee shall prescribe.

   (C) A retired judge working more than 60 days (whether part or full days) per year in a judicial capacity shall be required to fulfill the judicial branch education requirements.

   (D) The Committee may grant extensions of time to complete judicial branch education requirements for good cause shown. The press of business shall not be considered good cause.

Rule 3(B) amended February 1, 2006; Rule 3(A) amended; Rule 3(B), 3(C)-(E) renumbered, and 3(C) amended May 23, 2007. Renumbered and codified as § 1-503, effective July 18, 2008; § 1-503(A) amended June 26, 2013.

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