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§ 1-511. Judicial Branch Education Advisory Committee; composition; selection.

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   The Nebraska Supreme Court shall appoint a Judicial Branch Education Advisory Committee consisting of 13 members:


Chief Justice, or his/her delegate (ex officio)
Court of Appeals Judge
District Court Judge
County Court Judge
Separate Juvenile Court Judge
Clerk Magistrate
Clerk of the District Court
Probation Officer
Court Reporter
Workers' Compensation Court designee
State Court Administrator (ex officio)
State Probation Administrator (ex officio)
Director of Judicial Branch Education (ex officio)


Appointment by Chief Justice with the recommendation of the individual education committees.

   The Supreme Court shall designate one of the members as chair and one member as vice chair who may serve in the event of disqualification or unavailability of the chair. Members serve staggered, renewable 3-year terms. The Committee shall convene not less than two times per year.

§ 1-511 amended April 14, 2010.

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