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§ 3-303. Grounds for discipline.

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   (A) The license to practice law in this State is a continuing proclamation by the Court that the holder is fit to be entrusted with professional and judicial matters and to aid in the administration of justice as an attorney and as an officer of the Court. It is the duty of every recipient of the conditional privilege to practice law to conduct himself or herself at all times, both professionally and personally, in conformity with the standards imposed upon members as conditions for that privilege.

   (B) Acts or omissions by a member, individually or in concert with any other person or persons, which violate the Nebraska Rules of Professional Conduct as adopted by the Court, the oath, or the provisions of these rules, shall be grounds for discipline whether the act or omission occurred in the course of an attorney-client relationship or otherwise.

Rule 3(B)(1) amended July 13, 2005, effective September 1, 2005. Renumbered and codified as § 3-303, effective July 18, 2008.

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