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§ 3-322. Immunity and privileges.

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   (A) Reports of alleged misconduct and Grievances submitted to the Counsel for Discipline, Committees on Inquiry, and the Disciplinary Review Board or testimony with respect thereto are confidential and shall be absolutely privileged and no lawsuit predicated thereon may be instituted.

   (B) The Counsel for Discipline, his or her representatives, and members of the Disciplinary Review Board, Committees on Inquiry, and Advisory Committee; the director and any members of the Nebraska Lawyer’s Assistance Program; and all others (whether or not members of the Association) whose assistance is requested by any of the foregoing in connection with the enforcement of these rules shall be immune from suit for any conduct in the course of their official duties under these rules.

   (C) The Complainant and all witnesses shall be immune from suit for any testimony given in the course of any proceedings under these rules.

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