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§ 3-401.10. Report by attorneys to Director.

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   (A) On or before October 1 of each annual reporting period, the Director shall provide e-mail notification to all active attorneys to review their on-line accounts and make sure all education is reported in order to facilitate the timely filing of annual reports beginning December 1.

   (B) On or before January 20 following the end of the annual reporting period, each attorney admitted to the active practice of law in this state shall make a report to the Director, through the use of the on-line MCLE system, evidencing completion of accredited or approved CLE, including professional responsibility education, during the preceding reporting period.

   (C) Once an annual report is submitted through the on-line system, the CLE record for the attorney becomes final and cannot be modified.  In the event an attorney chooses to rescind an annual report and refile for the year, the request to do so must be received by the MCLE Commission no later than January 31 following the end of the reporting period. A request to rescind and refile a report can only be processed upon the payment of a $25 fee to the MCLE Commission.

   (D) All attorneys who fail by January 20 following the end of the annual reporting period to file the report shall pay a penalty of $25 by a credit card transaction through the on-line system.

§ 3-401.10(A) and (C) amended and (D) deleted November 16, 2011; § 3-401.10(B) and (C) amended and (D) adopted March 28, 2012.

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