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§ 3-807. Committees and sections.

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   (A) Budget and Planning Committee. There shall be a Budget and Planning Committee of this Association, consisting of not more than 13 members, who shall be appointed and whose terms shall be set in accordance with the bylaws, which committee shall perform the functions assigned to it in § 3-809.

   (B) Other Committees. Other committees of this Association may be created or abolished from time to time and shall have such jurisdiction and be elected or appointed in such manner with such tenure as fixed by the bylaws. Nonmembers, including laypersons, who by reason of their backgrounds or expertise can contribute toward the work of committees may be appointed by committee chairs to serve on committees as nonvoting committee members.

   (C) Sections. Sections of this Association may be created or abolished from time to time by the House of Delegates in such manner and with such functions as may be provided by the bylaws.

Rule 7(A) and (B) amended March 19, 2003, effective November 1, 2003. Renumbered and codified as § 3-807, effective July 18, 2008.

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