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§ 3-1013. Counsel; appointment and duties.

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   (A) There shall be a Counsel on Unauthorized Practice of Law (CUPL), who shall be a member of the Nebraska State Bar Association.

   (B) The CUPL shall be an employee of the Nebraska Supreme Court, which shall fund the operations of the office of the CUPL from the mandatory Supreme Court assessment established pursuant to § 3-1010(B).

   (C) The CUPL shall perform for the Nebraska Supreme Court and the Commission all duties as required by these rules.

   (D) The CUPL shall investigate all matters within the jurisdiction of the Commission in accordance with procedures adopted by the Commission and approved by the Supreme Court and shall perform the following duties:

   (1) Maintain records of all matters coming within the jurisdiction of the Commission.

   (2) Secure facilities for the administration of proceedings under these rules and receive and file all requests for investigation and complaints concerning matters within the jurisdiction of the Commission.

   (3) Employ such staff, including investigative and clerical personnel, subject to the approval of the Supreme Court, as may be necessary to carry out the duties of the office.

   (4) Perform such other duties as the Supreme Court or the Commission may require.

§ 3-1013(B)-(D) and (D)(3)-(4) amended December 3, 2013, effective April 1, 2014.

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