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§ 3-1014. Investigation; consideration by commission.

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   (A) All complaints regarding the unauthorized practice of law under these rules shall be filed with the CUPL. All complaints received by any Commission member, the Commission secretary, or by any other person shall be transmitted forthwith to the CUPL. All complaints regarding the unauthorized practice of law shall be received, screened, and, if required by the Commission, investigated by the CUPL, who shall, upon completion of his or her initital screening or investigation, make a written report of such screening or investigation, findings, and recommendation for disposal to the Commission. The CUPL may determine that the conduct in question does not constitute the unauthorized practice of law and recommend to the Commission that the complaint be dismissed. If the CUPL determines that the conduct constitutes the unauthorized practice of law, the CUPL shall recommend appropriate remedial action to the Commission.

   (B) In connection with an investigation by the CUPL, the Commission, through its chair or a chair of a designated panel thereof, may issue subpoenas and subpoenas duces tecum to compel the attendance of the respondent and other witnesses in the production of pertinent books, records, papers, documents, or evidence to the CUPL.

   (C) Any person subpoenaed to appear and give testimony or to produce materials, or any person having been sworn to testify and who refuses to answer any proper question, may be cited for contempt in proceedings instituted by the Commission in the Supreme Court pursuant to these rules.

   (D) The CUPL, or such other persons designated by the CUPL to conduct investigations, shall have the power to administer oaths and affirmations and to take and have transcribed the testimony and evidence of witnesses.

   (E) Upon the report of the initial screening by the CUPL, the Commission, or a designated panel thereof, shall make an independent judgment regarding the matter. It may dismiss the matter and so direct the CUPL to provide written notice of such dismissal to the complainant, if any, and to the respondent. It may determine that the conduct of the respondent merits further proceedings, and in such event, the respondent shall be notified that an investigation is being undertaken and the respondent shall be served personally or by certified mail with findings of the Commission or its panel of activities constituting the unauthorized practice of law and the rules governing the investigation and disposition thereof.

   (F) With the service of the findings of the Commission, or at any time thereafter, the Commission may request that a written answer to the findings of the Commission be filed with the CUPL within 20 days following the receipt of the notice and/or the Commission may request the respondent to appear before the CUPL for an informal conference during which the respondent may be offered an opportunity to enter into a written consent agreement or consent decree to refrain from conduct constituting the unauthorized practice of law. The CUPL shall make a written report to the Commission of the answer and/or informal conference.

   (G) At any time in the process, the Commission may refer the matter back to the CUPL for further investigation.

   (H) At any time after a finding by the Commission that the respondent has been involved in the unauthorized practice of law, the Commission may determine that civil injunction proceedings, as provided under these rules, shall be instituted against the respondent.

§ 3-1014(A) and (E) amended October 29, 2008.

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