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§ 3-1016. Civil injunction proceedings; hearing master; powers and procedure.

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   (A) Civil injunction proceedingsbefore a Hearing Master shall be held in Lincoln, Nebraska. In the discretion of the Hearing Master, the proceedings may be held in the county where the respondent resides or where acts constituting unauthorized practice of law are alleged to have occurred.

   (B) The Commission may be represented in a proceeding before the Hearing Master by the CUPL, or by a duly licensed member of the Nebraska State Bar Association appointed by the Supreme Court for such purpose. The Hearing Master shall set a time and place for the hearing and shall dispose of any motions which may expedite the proceedings.

   (C) The parties may compel the attendance of witnesses before the Hearing Master by the issuance of subpoenas which shall run in the name of the Supreme Court and may be issued by the Hearing Master or Clerk of the Supreme Court upon the request of a party. All such subpoenas shall be subject to the provisions of Neb. Rev. Stat. § 25‑1223 et seq. Failure or refusal, without adequate excuse, to comply with any such subpoena shall be contempt of the Supreme Court and may be punished accordingly.

   (D) Unless waived by the parties with the approval of the Hearing Master, the Nebraska Evidence Rules shall be applicable when not inconsistent with these rules. Subject to any limitations in the order of reference, the Hearing Master shall have the powers generally reposed in a “Court” under the Nebraska law. At all hearings before a Hearing Master, witnesses shall be sworn and a complete record made of all proceedings had and testimony taken by a competent court reporter.

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