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§ 4-102. Expedited process.

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   The expedited judicial process established in these rules is mandatory for all court matters related to the establishment and enforcement of child support and paternity. The following time standards apply in actions to establish support orders and, if necessary, paternity.

   (A) In all cases needing support order establishment regardless of whether paternity has been established, action to establish support orders must be completed from the date of service to the time of disposition within the following timeframes:

   (1) Seventy-five percent of such cases shall be completed within 6 months of service of process.

   (2) Ninety percent of such cases shall be completed within 12 months of service of process.

   Note: In cases for the purpose of paternity and support order establishment that use long-arm jurisdiction and disposition occurs within 12 months of service of process on the alleged father or noncustodial parent, the case may be counted as a success within the 6-month tier of the timeframe, regardless of when disposition occurs in the 12-month period following the service of process.

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